Some recent Ebay splurges (Haul)

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I love Ebay

I know I've said it before but I really do. There is always something I'm watching or waiting to buy wether it be for me, the house or Daisy! 

So instead of a recent wishlist I thought I'd share a little haul with you. 

Blue statement necklace for £2.99 including postage?? I'll say it again (zzzzz!) but it's even cheaper than Primark! 

How cute will it look with a simple tee and jeans? My favourite colours too. 

Next up a beaded, multi strand bib necklace at £1.99 again including postage!!

Okay so again a few of these are from China but I've had some real finds from there recently including this...

A lovely little owl sweater, I saw this blogged about by another blogger (if I remember who I will link up!) and had to order it for £5.49

Yes it's only cheap primark level quality but who has clothes that last a lifetime now anyway? Except for the odd timeless classic piece of course.

A little headband modelled by gorgeous Daisy, 99p including postage (how do they make and send it for that??) and it came the day after I ordered!!! 

A poster for the spare bedroom.. £5.49

Find it here

And another with the lyrics from our wedding song.. £3.99

A few little bits and bobs to look at anyway :)

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx

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