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I have seen the T-Zone skincare range in stores before but always look past it really. For some reason it jumped out at me as a "teenage" brand for troublesome skin. Something I would have perhaps used 10 years ago (how old am I??). 

When I was gifted a few of the products in the range I thought that I should definitely give them a try at least once. Especially as my skin is so up and down at the moment with hormones.

The product photographed is the Blackhead fighting scrub. Now I don't have blackheads, I have never really suffered with them but I do get troublesome hormonal skin. One thing I loved as soon as I flipped the lid was the smell of tea tree, I love anything tea tree! It smells so fresh and clean to me. I started to use this straight away and although I had my doubts because I have a loyal favourite face scrub that I use I still actually enjoyed it. It made my skin all tingly, not in a harsh way but in a refreshing way. I wouldn't or haven't been using this daily but every 2-3 days and my skin does feel nice and actually appears much less blemished.

I was also sent the spot zapping cream which did make me nervous. I have had bad experience of these in the past!! Skin peeling, red raw you get the idea! So I skipped this item and will hand it on to my sister who seems a lot less sensitive than me. 

The other item I have used was the Skin clearing moisturiser. I decided to take it with me on holiday last week and thought it was the perfect opportunity to give it a try, I wasn't planning on wearing much make up and thought it was a great chance to get the most out of my skin. I liked this product, felt it was tad sticky at first but it soon sunk into the pores and did leave my skin feeling nice. I came away really pleased with it! 

Some other products in the range:

You can get these from various outlets and are at a nice budget price compared to some brands. 

Lots of love, 
Hayley xxx

I was gifted these products but all opinions are my own

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