May Favourites (cosmetics haul)

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I haven't done a favourites post in a really long time so thought I best get started. I actually have quite a few more items I would like to show you but I didn't want to bore you too much in one sitting!! I will save some for another rainy day..

So first up is Madame LA LA Tan. A lovely, coconut, holiday scented facial tan. I am a big fan of tanning products, although must admit I haven't used them as much as I should or would like to since having Daisy. I guess by the time she is in bed, I have tidied up, had tea and got myself ready for work the next day then I don't have much pampering time. Or it isn't high on my agenda anyway!

How nice is the packaging? I love simple, clean but bright packaging. Being from a marketing background I do love a bit of decent branding! I am not sure why but I was expecting it to be like a foam when you use it, I think it is the pump top and the fact it is for your face that lead to that expectation. I was so wrong.

As you can see above it comes out very similar to St Tropez tan. Thick and very dark. I am always a little apprehensive about putting things on my face! What if it sticks in my pores and makes me look grubby??

I was pleased with the result! When it was applied it didn't make me look like an Oompa Loompa and I probably could get away with seeing people when wearing it waiting for it to develop. And once washed away it left me with a lovely glow. I will be using this product going forward for sure! My only complaint would be that it did seem to encourage a few breakouts, but that isn't unusual for my skin!

 Next up... Tropic Body Love. I have blogged about Tropic Skincare before and raved about their eyebrow product in particular. They are definitely a favourite, affordable brand of mine, and I love the fact it isn't available everywhere. You can't quite see how huge this tub is but it is pretty large! It is a buttercream for your body. As with the other products from Tropic it has a really fresh, almost garden scent. Really nice and Spa like! There isn't much more to say about this really but that I give it a thumbs up! I am not very loyal to products like this and although I love it, I may not buy it again, just because there is so much choice out there! (I actually didn't buy this one,  I had it as a gift!)

This is a bit of an odd one now, a scalp scrub by Salon Science. Yes you heard it right for your SCALP! I have tried scrubs for my body, my feet and my face, even my nails actually but never, ever for my head/ scalp. I actually feel like it is a bit yuck to talk about, getting rid of "flakes" (eurghhh how gross) from your scalp. I would never have picked this up off the shelf if I am honest, but I guess you would if you had any problems in that area. I was sent this product to review and was going to give it to someone else to try who has skin complaints but I was actually quite intrigued. And I thoroughly enjoyed it! Who'd have thought it! It felt so odd actually doing it, you do it pre-hair wash. But afterwards it felt so clean and fresh! 

I did notice though that I kept seeing residue the next day, but probably because I didn't wash it out properly. 

Right enough of flaky scalps talk and on to MUA cosmetics. I have blogged about them before on my blog. They are so affordable that it's hard not to pick any of their products up, a little like makeup revolution really. This is their spring break pallete and it is fab! The colours are right up my street! When looking at the photos the blue really jumps out at you and it did the same when I got this product! I thought I would never in a million years wear that shade! But it is really pretty on, blended with a slightly darker shade it really is nice. It's just a very light, shimmery shade. It doesn't come out like the colour you see before you! Other than the blue it's just a really natural, every day pallete with colours that are really useable. This is my current go to for my everyday makeup!

Well that's your lot for now! But overall some pretty good little finds!! 

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx

I was kindly sent the MUA pallete & salon science scalp scrub in return for my honest opinions 

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