Makeup Revolution Haul A/W 2015

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If you read my blog then you'll know this isn't the first time I have blogged about Makeup Revolution. I am yet to find a brand in similar quality for the amazing prices they offer. I should say this isn't a collaborative post (I have collaborated in the past, but this time every penny spent was my own!) and so all opinions are my own, I am in no way being biased.

I did my make up out not so long ago, cleaned my brushes, you know the drill. Well I felt I needed some new pieces in there to liven things up. It is really quite satisfying buying more than one new thing at a time, it feels like a complete overhaul - well in reality it really isn't I guess!

I've said it before but I really do like drug store makeup, but as a sideline to my staples such as Estee Lauder Double Wear, Benefit Mascara and Smashbox primer. You really can't beat it for price, and if you only wear it for a couple of months before moving on then it really doesn't matter too much. ( In a non wasteful way!)

So I went online at Superdrug and thought I would see what I could find.

Makeup Revolution Highlighter Golden Lights & Peach Lights

I bought two highlighters this time, at £3 each they weren't the cheapest item in my order (believe it or not!) but thought they were great value so why not. To be honest I am not a big fan of golden lights, I expect it to be good with a tan but it has that orangey tint that I really don't look for in my highlighter.  I simply use my highlighter to brighten up my above my cheekbones, around the eye area and where ever else looks like it needs brightening up. The Peach lights does just this and actually suits my skin tone without looking TOO obvious. I think this product will last forever, you barely need to touch it to transfer it to your brush and skin. It is highly pigmented and picks up nicely. 

Makeup Revolution Lip Gloss Tube Eye to Eye

This was one of those items I just threw into my basket for the simple reason that it was just £1! I didn't have high expectations for this product, I expected a sticky, claggy formula that would make me feel like a 13 year old girl again. I was pleasantly surprised. It doesn't last a long time before wearing off but for the price I really like it. It is a great day to day colour and just brightens up my lips and adds some shine, perfect for work where I don't want much impact. I will be looking at other colours for sure. 

I Heart Primer No Shine Please 25ml

To be completely honest this was the disappointment from my order. I don't like the consistency of the primer and I hated how it made my face feel. Yes it made my make up stay put and appear Matt but it felt heavy on my face and somehow it felt wet all day? It could just be my skin but I won't be using it again. Again a great price though of just £1.91 

Makeup Revolution Pressed Powder Translucent

I am never too fussy when it comes to my translucent powder, as long as it actually is translucent and doesn't give off much colour I am happy. Once I had worked out how to open this product (You slide not lift open) it was fine, it will do the job nicely. Nice and light and will fix my make up how I need it to. £2

Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette Waiting

This was the most pricey item in my basket at £6. But a palette for £6?!! Crazy prices. There was so much choice but I finally settled for this one, I already have a couple with Iconic 2 being my go to palette for most day to day make up looks. I knew I would like this product as I have tried a few similar palettes from Makeup Revolution, the colours are nice and I like how the matte colours are separated from the shimmery shades. And also this palette has a mirror - hooray! Great price and I highly recommend! 


Hayley xx

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