January beauty product favourites

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I haven't done a beauty post in some time and that is mainly because my routine has been pretty steady and not much has changed. However with being pregnant and lazy there have been a few new additions this past few months.

So the biggest hero this last few weeks has been Batiste dry shampoo, no surprise there as it has featured a fair few times on my blog! But I am currently trying to "train" my hair into thinking that it doesn't need washing every single day which I had sadly got into the routine of doing. Now I am going to be having a toddler tearing around as well as a baby to care for so let's be honest, it is never going to happen! Also it really isn't great for your hair.

I usually would use the original scent but was drawn to picking up the Tropical edition this last week, it smells divine! I don't think I need to go into any further details here except this is a pregnant womans MUST
HAVE product!

Another hair product is from Salon Science and is the Reglosse Smoothing Serum. I basically towel dry my hair (gently!) and then smooth around 4-5 drops of the serum through my hair and then pop the towel back on so it has time to be absorbed, before combing it through, Now this isn't the cheapest serum or hair oil that you will find (it retails around the £18 mark in Boots etc) but to me it really is worth it. My hair is super glossy once it has been dried and is still looking healthy come day 2-3. Some times this kind of product can lace my hair a bit lank and floppy, basically no life in it! But this is On point! (Trying to be down with the kids!!!)

Another product that I have featured before is the Body Shop Vitamin E moisture cream, but it really does deserve to be on this list again! With my hormone ridden skin playing havoc then I am having to moisturise as often as I can. I have been using this as a bit of a face mask after a shower too, lathering it on thickly and let it become absorbed as much as possible. It can take a little while but it is so worth it, my skin is really gaining from it. I do still love the Tropic Skincare product but for now I am happy to use this one and give my skin as many vitamins as I can!

Last but by no far least are some Clinique Chubby Sticks. These are new to me, having used Clinique as a brand for a while I wondered why I never picked these up before. I was lucky to get these for my birthday after they were spotted on my birthday wishlist at the end of last year! It was a great little pack but my favourites at the moment have to be the Cheek colour balm (01 Amp'd up apple) and the Shadow tint for eyes (01 Bountiful beige). Basically they are like crayolas for your face!! So, so easy and smooth, easy to blend and have staying power, which I really didn't expect when I first saw them. As a busy working mum that needs to do her makeup in record time they are perfect!

Hope this has been of interest,

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx

*I was sent the Salon Science product as a PR sample but all opinions are my own

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