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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Happy two year wedding anniversary (photo post)

Seeing as it's our two year wedding anniversary today I though I would share a photo post. I've already blogged about our wedding day in Lindos, if you missed it you can catch up here.

Post 1 
Post 2
Post 3

Happy two years wedding anniversary to my best friend xx

I own the copyright to all photographs 

Lots of love, 
Hayley xxx

Sharing the love Blogger style

The lovely Gemma from Sunshine on a cloudy day  recently did the below post all about her favourite bloggers of the week. I was lucky enough to be featured (thank you Gemma your comments were really lovely) and it really did make my day. 


Not only was it really touching to be appreciated and know someone really enjoys my blog but I thought what a great idea too. It's a great way if introducing people to blogs they may not have seen before as well as sharing the love with those mentioned too. 

So I thought I'd follow Gemma's creative lead: 

Sunshine on a cloudy day- No, I'm not just putting Gemma on my list for obvious reasons but because I read her writing on a daily basis. I really feel like I know her and her little boy Corey from her blog, even her beauty posts allow her personality to shine through. She is down to earth and full of advice to us new mums. 

Lilypod and Sweetpea -I followed Jess' pregnancy experience and now her life as a new mummy. We are very much at the same stage in life and I love to hear her thoughts and opinions on certain things and compare notes if you like. Jess doesn't hold back in her personal posts and that's something I wish more bloggers would do, what you see is what you get, a real personality! Also I love her DIY posts, I'm on route to get material to make my own wrap this week! 

Polly's Little World - Polly's posts are mainly parenting and I'm already gaining knowledge and ideas from her ready for when Daisy is bigger! Polly is another blogger that talks from her heart she doesn't write what she expects people will want to hear all of the time, she is always honest. 

Belles Boutique - Laura is not only blogging and Vlogging about her pregnancy (I am still a sucker for this type of post!) but she also does some brilliant beauty posts - two of my favourite things. her blog is really pretty and I love the style she presents - right up my street :

There seems to be a bit of a theme to my favourites at the moment doesn't there!!!! 

This isn't a linky thing and so you don't need to go away and feel you have to do the same or get tagging but I do think its a lovely idea to spread some love - we don't see enough of it on social media! I have really enjoyed sharing these bloggers with you :)

Lots of love, 
Hayley xxx

The start of a #MakeupRevolution

I have read plenty about Makeup Revolution, the good, the bad and the ugly. There seems to be really mixed reviews on the brand and its products. When I learnt that they were launching the #Happylips range and the Amazing lipstick range (What it appears to be called!) into Superdrug this spring/ summer I decided it was time I tried it out for myself and make my own opinions.

I tried some of the Amazing Lipstick range out first, below is a swatch on the colours I tried.

There are two collections under the Amazing range, the Depraved shade (purple) is from the Scandalous collection and the other 2 shades Nude and Rebel with cause are from the Vamp Collection. both collections are limited edition, the scandalous being designed pretty much for the festival and summer season.

Before I tell you what I really think of these I must tell you these are a whopping £1 each as that may change your opinions on my review. Honestly, I wasn't a fan of this range. I found it difficult to apply, it wasn't a smooth application and felt somehow a little like using a crayon on my lips. the colour was good as in the shades, I really liked the colour of the nude especially but unfortunately it didn't feel right on my lips and so I probably won't use. However, for a £1 if I was going to any festivals this summer (Which I'm not sadly due to baby Daisy being slightly too young to leave and funds being short!) these may be good to chuck in your bag and then accidently leave there, the acid brights of the Scandalous collection will work well with the neon trend of the summer.

Next I tried the #Happylips lipstick out, something a little different and unlike anything I have tried before. This lipstick has the colour up the centre of the stick and then surrounding is a clear layer of essential Argan oils. This sounded great to me, I am in love with Argan oil and use it on my hair religiously. I must admit it looks a little odd this lipstick so I was unsure how it would work out though.

The packaging was nice and of pretty good quality for a £3 product and the shade I tried Electric love looked right up my street, maybe a little bright but with summer coming I thought perfect!

I was pleasantly surprised, I liked it. Honestly, after trying the £1 range I had my doubts if I would. it applies much nicer and feels smooth and silky. The colour isn't as bright as it looks like its going to be - this may be a negative for some people but it suited me. The only negative I have is that because the oils layer is on the outside its hard to apply the colour to the outside of your lips without using a brush, I couldn't use it straight from the tube. But I can honestly say I would love to try more shades of this collection and will be looking at what others are available.

So a mixed review on these lipsticks from me! I have read today some reviews from some of my favourite bloggers thought on the blushers, So I think I will have to try these too before I have a final verdict on the brand either way. But for now I would say cheap, Cheerful and a perhaps a little hit and miss but for the price well worth trying out!

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx

Is life really flipped upside down with a newborn?

Bit of a different post today.. 

When you don't have children all anyone tells you is make the most of the time you have before you have them, almost as if life will end the day you do go for the plunge. Not exactly encouraging! 

When you start to announce you are expecting there are two camps of people to pass comment; one lot saying the same as above and then the others saying how life will never be the same, but for the better. That's not something unexpected for anyone I don't think? You don't exactly decide to expand your family based on a thought that life will become much worse!

When pregnant I loved my bump (most of the time), during the aches and pains I cursed but really I loved it and knew I would love my baby before she was even here. But I must say I look at Daisy now and really struggle to link the two together! Somehow I can't get my head around that Daisy was my "bump"! A bump with a tiny little nose, big blue eyes and what seems to be curly, fluffy hair! 

It's crazy!! I wonder if it's just me that can't associate the two? How is it possible a little girl so pretty was squashed in my tummy for nine months?!? 

Anyway back to life being flipped upside down. So the people who say life changes were right. Life has changed already, we have a little person that depends on us for everything and that feels like a lot of responsibility. But in a good way!! But even though our day to day lives have altered slightly, we don't get to do what we like when we like to an extent, I still wouldn't say life is upside down. 

Yes we can't sit and watch our programmes all evening but mainly just because we sit down later as we have Daisy to entertain and settle or visitors to evict first before we can spend the rest of the evening as the three of us. But those things you notice that have changed like having to go to bed when she does, eating your tea and drinking your tea freezing cold are the small things, and in their place are better things like snuggles, bath time and being a little family. 

I know it's early days and life can't be the same as before but so far I'm loving the change and so far the transition is not as dramatic as I thought it could be. Most things just take a little planning and consideration and a little more time usually. 

The camp that said make the most of the time that you have before babies are right too though in some respects, we are lucky to have enjoyed some brilliant exotic holidays and do things that some couldn't. And we both have good jobs and are settled in our home. But that doesn't mean you can't do these things when you have children either, who says you can't go away, or move up the ladder at work or buy your own home when you have children? It may be a little more difficult, but it doesn't mean everything is on hold completely! 

But of a deep post today but one I've been thinking about whilst Ben was away in London so I thought I'd write it down! It's something I thought about before having Daisy and something that played on my mind when I was pregnant. 

Lots of love,

Hayley xxx

(I own the copyright to all photographs used in this post)

*FACEB4 - Mission Clear Skin

After having Daisy, and well throughout my pregnancy actually I have suffered from hormonal break outs. I have never been lucky enough to have immaculate, fresh skin but I have never had such wild out breaks either. Which always tend to be right on my chin - delightful!

I was lucky to be sent these products to try out and see if they could help at all. I must say firstly I loved the bright pink packaging - I believe this is in collaboration with Superdrug's 50 year anniversary and that usually the outer casing would match the blue inner packaging but this will available in all Superdrug stores for the rest of 2014.

I was sent two products:

Anti-bacterial Face Wash

The UK's most effective Anti-Bacterial Face Wash*. Step one of the revolutionary new Face B4 skincare regime to help maintain clear skin. A combined cleanser and toner which helps clean pores and reduce excess oil. (Extracted from FaceB4 website)

When I opened this up I was surprised to see that it were two tubes in a pump contraption that mixed the two solutions for you to give a lovely light foam to use to wash your face. On reading the box its cleanser and toner in the separate bottles that mix together to give you a 2 in1 job! Very clever and ideal for someone as lazy as me! The foam consistency is light and when used on your face feels as if its disappeared, a nice change from heavy, sticky messes which this type of product can often give you.

I used it for a week and my skin is far clearer and brighter than it had been the week previous. I must admit I continued to use my Tropic scrub and moisturiser alongside it as I didn't feel I wanted to use the FACEB4 twice a day, it smelt quite medical which was the only thing that put me off it slightly - however if I was suffering from what I would call more troublesome, maybe teenage skin then I would have used it more often. I just didn't feel I needed something so strong so often, although the info on the packet and online says its been proven to be mild for all skin types - I am just that little bit too cautious when it comes to my skin!

I have passed this product on to a friend to try, she suffers with more troublesome skin and openly admits she doesn't tone as well as cleanse - so this could be perfect for her. I will amend my review once I have her opinion and results also.

Anti-bacterial Serum

Step two of the revolutionary new Face B4 skincare regime to help maintain clear skin. A gentle formula serum suitable for all skin types and vitamin enriched to moisturise, soothe and protect skin. (Extracted from FaceB4 website)

I think sadly the first thing I noticed when I opened up this product was how small the bottle was compared to the outer box! I felt a bit hard done by and for the price tag of £14.95 I expected it a little bigger, I personally think the size of the box lead me to think this though and without it I would have been happy enough! 

Anyway, what did I think to the actual serum? Loved it! I am always a little cautious of using any product that is designed to clear impurities and spots as I find them harsh and with fairly sensitive skin it can leave me feeling like I have had a scrub with a scourer and some bleach! But this was nice and soft, leaving my face feeling smooth. I really liked this product for not being heavy and sticky and most importantly not painful to use!

I will definitely continue to use these products but probably only when I feel I need the extra TLC on my break outs. I do think the price tag is quite hefty but these products will last a long time and for some people it will be well worth it to help out with their troublesome skin. Both products are £14.95 and are available in Superdrug and Boots.

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx

(All opinions are my own and I own the copyright to all photos)

Daisy and her first few weeks in the world

Little Daisy is now 3 whole weeks old, how did that happen? People always say time goes quickly and they grow up too fast, but maybe it's really true! 

Daisy seems (so far) to be a content little lady, she sleeps a lot, feeds well and doesn't generally cry much! Let's hope it continues. I thought I would blog first about her first 2 weeks in the big world. 

The first week of her life was celebrated by having lots and lots of visitors, lots of cuddles and millions of pressies. She was really sleepy this first week and no doubt most of it passed her by, we ensured we took hundreds of photos so she can see when she is older and we can look back on the memories. One special moment was Daisy meeting my Nan before she sadly lost a long battle to cancer, it was very emotional but so special seeing her face light up when I walked into her room with her new little great grand daughter, a memory I will be sure to tell Daisy all about one day,Its as if she had held on to meet her and daisy had come early for that reason too. 

Other regular visitors we had those 1st 2 weeks were midwives and health visitors. Daisy was a mini 5 lb 12 when she entered the world but dropped down to 5 lb 3 in the 1st week which lead them to worry and pester us every other day. It was for baby's well being I understand but firstly they don't give you a time and it could be anytime that they arrive and secondly they do have a knack of making you feel not that great about feeding her. I thought they were all about encouragement of breastfeeding, good job my family and close friends are so supportive and full of advice to put your mind at rest and ignore the negativity. She is now 6 lb 1 and so is now storming ahead of her birth weight. I do think part of the weight loss was due to her having a bit of a traumatic arrival, leaving her a little sleepy. 

She was a little jaundice during the first few days but it is all part of being a little early and it soon cleared up thankfully. The only other real worry we have had since birth is the hearing screening that they do at home within the 2nd week. Right ear - no problem, all good, left ear - no response. The health visitor came back again a week later saying it could be birth debris or just too much background noise possibly and that a week can make all the difference. Again - no response. Although deep down I knew she could hear us (she startles with loud noises and follows your voice) it leaves you with some worry, naturally. The neonatal hearing team then came out and did an AABR test, of which came back all clear within seconds. Relief! 

The rest of the first two weeks was much nicer! We had events like Daisy's first bath - which she loves once she is actually in the water - getting undressed is not a favourite past time!! Bathing her was a learning experience and now doing it alone when Ben is at work was a little nerve wracking to start with! 

We had some lovely days out at places such as Attingham Park and Powis Castle, both National Trust property's with beautiful gardens and cafes for lunch and cake. We were lucky to have nice weather and so ensured we made the most of it, it was lovely to have our first family days out. (And finally get to use my lovely Icandy Apple!)

All  photos above are from Powis castle

Those first weeks flew by and before we knew it Ben was back at work. Its now all about trying to get into some kind of routine. I don't mean getting Daisy into a strict routine, I mean just in general for us both and the house etc. For example she sleeps until about 10 - 11am once she has been fed first thing and so instead of dozing until then I try to get up and have a shower or bath, put some washing in, have breakfast etc. Although I have snoozed a few times, why not! But I really need to make the most of at least an hour or so as then she could be awake for a few hours limiting what I can do. 

Anyway I best get some tea sorted now, 

Lots of love, 
Hayley xxx

A mini mummy haul

Today I actually ventured out on my own with Daisy, on my very own!!! I was a little nervous but I've no idea why, it was fine! It felt like I had done it millions of times. 

I had a voucher to spend in Boots that I'd had for Christmas (how have I kept it this long?!?) and a few things to take back or exchange too for baby. It's been a nice day too so I thought we could have a wander around the retail park for an hour or so.

First up we went to Boots and got these lovelies:

I was most excited about the Barry M pastel Gelly polish in Sugar Apple, I have been after this shade for AGES! Well since it launched anyway and no where has had it in stock when I've been in to get it. For £3.99 I think these are a steal as I find them good quality and long lasting. The only variety I don't really rate are the Aquarium as I don't find they are all that easy to apply. 

Batiste is a brand I buy a lot, for everyday freshness but also I use it more than anything for volume purposes. I find it a perfect lift for flatter, limp hair that sadly I'm gifted with! This variety I've not seen before and oh my god it smell amazing, think cherry Chapstick and you'll be close. These were on offer for £2.99 for the big can and on a 3 for 2, I wish I'd stocked up now but I don't have much storage space really. 

I usually buy Estée Lauder foundation but I had a money off voucher for boots own brand No7 make up and it was also buy one item and get a second item half price, I couldn't resist! I've used their make up before but I must admit it does usually take me having a voucher to be enticed to that corner of the store. I got the Essentially Natural foundation for £9.95, and with the Intense volume mascara at £9.95 and then half price it's not bad for high street make up. You get a good sized tube for the price too and actually it's of good quality. I've only used it once quickly but I was pretty impressed actually, the consistency is good and it's matte which is what I like on coverage. The only thing I'd say is I couldn't find a shade that was the perfect match, so I went a little lighter in warm beige and I'll just use bronzer to shade and contour in. 

As you can see the coverage is not heavy but light, the packaging claims its light - medium but I would definitely say its light. Perfect for an every day mummy foundation actually. The mascara is also good, they all claim to have extreme, intense, wonderful volume on the high street and in reality they can be a flop. I've had better mascaras but I've had much, much worse. For the bargain price there were no clumps, sticking etc and I like the brush on this one. I would have liked a bit more volume and a slightly thicker consistency but you can't have everything!

After Boots I popped to Sainsburys for some burgers, buns and general boring foody bits!  But whilst there I had my usual wander around the TU department. I couldn't see much I fancied but was desperate for button opening tops or casual blouses, as I am feeding Daisy but I also don't want to look like a mumsy from the office. I found a nice flowery blouse £14, not bad! It's bright and cheery and I'm sure will make me feel a little summery! I have it on in the photos above! 

Also I treated myself to some new bright pjs! Not maternity, bump holding pjs but some cute frilly shorts and a vest, I may actually feel like a girl again in these! These again were a bargain at £8. 

That's my little haul, not overly wild but some nice little gems to share. 

Lots of love,
Hayley x x x

* 2COZZE Thermal wear and lounging around with Daisy

I was sent this 2COZZE thermal set just before I had Daisy to try out and review for eCornerShop. obviously with having a new little bambino blogging has been put to one side whilst things like nappy changes and cuddles with my monkey have taken over my weeks. 

However this set has been really useful! when I first saw the product I thought it looked of good quality and the brushed material looked as if it would be comfy but my intital thought was well summer is on the way - who would need thermals now? Anyway between bum changes I got them out of the pack and had a look and decided to give them a whirl ( a try on!). They are so comfy! i have worn them since as lounge wear! I know this isn't then intended use but for me they have been perfect. although they are thermal they aren't dreary and heavy and so work perfectly for milling around the house in. Also they don't really look like thermals either - more of a long sleeved soft T-shirt and leggings! 

When the weather does get colder they will be perfect for walking my dog in up the hills with my outdoor wear but for now I intend to keep using them as lazy day clothes! I will not be hiding them away until its time for the winterwear to pop back out of the wardrobe. 

Bit of a change for my blog away from beauty and babies but I thought it suited my day to day activities quite nicely! 

Lots of Love, 
Hayley xxx

The arrival of little Daisy...

If you read my blog on a regular basis you will know I was planning a home birth, you can look back on the planning post here if you fancy. I was always open about this and always honest with myself in that I knew planning a labour isn't an easy task as anything could happen at any time and sometimes things just don't work out the way in which you envisage. This is unfortunately how it went for me! But do you know none of that matters, I now have little Daisy and she is healthy and here safely, as am I.

This post could be a little lengthy - sorry in advance!

So after Easter weekend I went to bed on the Monday evening and then woke up at 1am with the sharpest pains I have ever felt, I got up and walked to the toilet thinking maybe moving may help. I made it to the bathroom just in time for an almighty pop followed by a gush! I thought I had wet myself! I waited for it to stop as much as possible, cleaned myself up and went back to bed as the pains had vanished. Somehow I managed to go back to sleep but then at 3am it started again - another gush! And then the pains followed! I again got back into bed remembering what I had been taught at birthing classes about getting sleep whilst you can, I dozed on and off until about 6 and then I decided to call my mum who was my other birth partner. We milled around the house for what felt like ages, bit of tidying, washing and bouncing on my ball.

The pains started to get more and more intense and after a bath I felt that things were progressing around lunch time. I called the midwife who came out shortly after to examine me.. 1cm - pushing 2. Marvellous. What a let down!

Off she tootled and I got back to bouncing on my ball and trying to breathe through the waves overcoming my body. I was told I would need to go to the hospital in a few hours just to go on the monitor for half an hour to ensure baby was happy as my waters had gone some time ago by this point. So off we went to the hospital, having to stop and lean against things including Ben on route. Daisy showed she was nice and happy and it also showed my contractions were in fact real! This is when I remember the pains becoming a bit too much and starting to get a bit grouchy and tired. I was examined again - by a woman I can only describe as Miss Trunchbull (think Matilda) and guess what.. 2cm. I could have punched her! And after she had messed around the pains got a million times worse! Trying to get back to the car and back home was interesting, had a bit of a stand off in the carpark! They gave me a tens machine to borrow whilst I was there but it annoyed me so much I wanted to chuck it!

When I was home things got no better, I lost control and threw myself around, shouting for a few hours - felt like a lifetime. All the reading I had done and classes on breathing etc was out of the window. The only thing getting me through was the positions I had learnt in Lazy Daisy classes, rotating to dilating. The midwife came out and explained how I needed to get to 5cm before I could have any pain relief at home and that I would only have until 1am to be close to delivering otherwise Id need to go into hospital as my waters would have been gone 24hours and I was at risk of infection. So.. She examined me.. This time I really thought I must be at least 4cm, these pains meant business! But hey guess what 2cm... so almost 24 hours later I was no better off. Enough was enough for me. I needed help in managing the pain and I needed a rest or at least progress so decided I needed to go to hospital so they could help me. This was the only time during my labour I thought and said I can't do it, I felt useless! My baby obviously wanted out yet I couldn't seem to let her! 

The journey to hospital was the worst 10 minutes of my life, on my hands and knees in the back of the car with a sick bowl just in case!! When we got there I was given a room in the midwife led unit and finally given an injection of a drug similar to pethidine but not as strong as well as anti sickness. The relief between contractions was enough to allow me to lie on my side and close my eyes, but the drug still allowed contractions to take a hold. Again this was a long few hours, it was the middle of the night, we were all exhausted and I just wanted the pains to stop and to have my baby! A few hours later I was examined and who knew I was pretty much 4cm, finally! This meant I could go up to labour ward which mentally felt good but also I know I could have more pain relief there like Gas and air. 

Because my waters had gone over 24 hours ago and I had now had a certain drug it meant a water birth was out of the question and I was now on consultant ward. I didn't mind at the time, I knew it was all for the right reasons. As soon as I got in our room it hit me, there was equipment in there like scales for a baby! I was going to leave this room with a baby! Almost right away the midwife showed me the Gas and air, I didn't hang around-  this is what I needed! The sensation to start with was odd and I only describe it as very, very drunk! I remember swaying all over the place and Ben or Mum sat behind me as I stood next to the bed in case I fell! I got on well with it once I learnt how to manage it and it worked perfectly. For a while anyway.

Things didn't speed up, the sun came up and we were on to yet another day! I needed rest and fluids by now so I was hooked on to an IV drip and made the decision to get an epidural purely for the reasons of a bit of sleep and the hope of maybe nibbling something to get more energy. Also by now they'd said I would need a hormone drip to help me progress at some point in the very near future, I'd had enough. I had always said no way was I going to have an epidural but my god it was a miracle to me! It wasn't painful to have done and it allowed me to snooze on and off, I could feel my contractions and my legs which I was pleased with and it wasn't the awful pains I had been having. 

All was feeling better, for a while. All I remember was waking up from what I thought was a little sleep with around 12-14 heads in my face, stood over the bed all talking to me in one way or another and oxygen masks over my face! I had crashed and gone unconscious which had caused Daisy's heartbeat to drop too for over 5 minutes! My blood pressure has fallen too far, they're not sure why but it's probably down to exhaustion. They were prepping me for a C section! I just remember looking around seeing mums panicked face and not seeing Ben anywhere! He then appeared at the door looking panicked, he had only gone to the toilet! 

There were a few consultants and registrars in the room that were stood over me and looking at the monitors, my levels started to improve as did Daisy's. They made the decision to observe for 5 minutes and to make a call on surgery or not. Thankfully it was decided they'd keep watching every few minutes but a c section wasn't going to be done right this minute after all. There were a few things that needed to be done now such as ramp up the hormones so I progressed quickly, switch off the epidural so that didn't affect blood pressure, fluids squeezed through me, monitors on Daisy's head and blood tests taken from her head too :( poor baby. But again all for the right reasons. 

The next 2 hours or so were over in a flash, probably because I had consultants in and out, midwife sat next to me at all times and always the threat of theatre which kept cropping back up! Anyway a few hours later and I felt a different sensation, I really needed the toilet! The only person who's eyes lit up at this time were my mums who knew I would be serious and knew what it could mean! The midwife left it a while explaining how baby was probably moving her way down. But a few minutes later I said again and could she examine me! Well I was 10cm and no sign of cervix! Baby's head was right there! 

The consultant was brought back into the room and he looked over the traces and watched my contractions, he allowed me to push a few times so he could see the effect it had on me and Daisy. Sadly Daisy seemed to become distressed on the back of the contraction so again we needed intervention. Although he had tried to turn her manually as she was back to back but side on and with her head back on her neck, as soon as he moved away she would roll back! So off he went and he came back with the vontouse, with his gang all in scrubs. I didn't mind at the time, I just wanted my baby now. He told me quite strongly that I had 3 attempts at pushing this baby out with his help of turning her and a bit of suction or I'd be in theatre with forceps. I was getting her out! With all I had been taught about pushing and breathing I gave it my all, and out she came! The next thing she's on my tummy looking rather slimey but the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen! She did a bit of shouting which they all seemed pleased with! 

Ben cut the cord and then the consultant and his gang did their repairs and tidy up whilst I just stared at my daughter! I was a mummy! Finally! 

I've left some bits out and probably mixed it all up in order as it was a bit of a whirl wind but all I know is I know it sounds horrendous but even an hour after I knew I would do it all over again! 

Sorry it's so lengthy!! 


My first week postpartum and labour must have list

Like all ladies waiting patiently for their baby to come I packed my hospital bag, it wasn't finished when it was needed and did leave me in a bit of a panic but I'm not convinced a can of water spray would have made all that difference in labour anyway, so I wouldn't stress too much as long as you have the essentials! My biggest gripe was my stupid, scruffy slippers with holes in that ended up being picked up and being passed to me to wear! I would not have taken them by choice in a million years, they probably aren't as bad as you are picturing now but it's safe to say they're now in the bin and I now have a cute new pair! 

I read lots of blog posts and essential lists by mamas and papas of what to take in my bag for baby and me and what I would need after delivery but I thought I'd share some of my saviour items from labour and this first week with you as some of my lovely friends who are expecting have been asking.

(1) moist toilet tissues- sounds very glam huh! Well believe me it isn't and these were a life line, much more soothing and cooling than rough old tissue paper

(2) disposable knickers- self explanatory really. I was bought these for Christmas and I pulled a bit of a face at the time but what a great idea! No hassle just chuck away and you feel far cleaner. I had these from Emma Jane, worth every penny. 

(3) salt for the bath- I always knew things would be a little uncomfortable but not like they actually are! Again soothing but helps you heal after, avoid all perfumes etc as you don't want to irritate anything. 

(4) glucose tablets for labour- after hours and hours, days in fact I was exhausted and fairly early on into labour lost the ability to snack and it's really important you keep some energy reserves. I used the lucozade tablets and they were good for a little pick me up when I needed it! 

(5) snacks and lots of them! When you are recovering and even pretty much straight after delivery I was starving! Even more so now I'm feeding Daisy. Now isn't the time to be worrying about calories, you need all you can get! Make the most of it, you'll burn them off anyway. Biscuits and sweets have been my comfort along with my cups of tea! I'm still on a mix of normal and decaf- I don't fancy baby being up all night!!! 

(6) Lansinoh Lanolin nipple cream- again so glam! But miracle cream! Starting to breastfeed can be hard work on your poor sensitive boobs! Especially if like me it takes a little longer for your milk to come in so baby has to try extra hard to get their supplies from you. This was recommended to me by a few people and it really does make all the difference! 

(7) Carbs-for a few days after I'd have Daisy I felt a little weak once the adrenalin had gone! I was told when leaving the hospital I'd need to build back up again and lots of pasta and carbs in her real definitely helped in getting me back up to fitness! 

(8) my Peekaboobtique nursing scarf- see my last post on why here

They are just a few things that I couldn't have gone without this week but everyone will be different, the usual Vaseline, straws, maternity pads etc are all must haves too but these are a few extra that I needed!

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx

Peekaboobtique and that 1st week of breastfeeding

Daisy arrived slightly earlier than planned but as you will have read in my latest post all was good and the little dot is healthy and content. Before she arrived I had decided to breastfeed but at the same time put no pressure on myself to do it if it didn't work out. As new parents we already put far too much pressure on ourselves and i think we need to make it as easy as possible if we can. But ideally in my mind I'd feed her myself for 6 weeks at least, knowing how good and beneficial it is for new babies in that time period. 

The thought did worry me a little, I have always been so shy about my chest area, it probably comes from being quite large early on at school and feeling a bit uncomfortable with it whilst the other girls caught up! I don't know but what I do know is that I am not one to flash them about. So this uneasy feeling did make me doubt myself and if I could feed Daisy or perhaps I would find it too strange. 

Peekaboobtique are a company I found on Etsy and contacted in my last few weeks of pregnancy. Don't you just love the name?! 

I had heard of nursing scarves and seen various options in stores such as Mothercare but to be honest they always looked drab and really not my cup of tea, yes they do a job but when you've just had a baby anything that makes you feel more dull and frumpy will just annoy you and should be avoided! These nursing scarves are so funky and actually you wouldn't think to yourself it was a nursing scarf. There are various colours and sizes and I was lucky enough to receive the grey and coral edition. Find it here for just under £22 (depending on exchange rate). 

When I've been wearing it this first week I've loved it as a top, with my black comfy leggings it's been the perfect outfit choice for me and I haven't taken it off! It's now in the wash you'll be pleased to know. I love it as it's got nice shape, it's covers lumps and bumps when worn as a top, adds a bit of colour to me and the obvious reason is that it allows me to feed a little more privately. And actually not that it should matter but it allows any guests we have to feel a bit more comfortable around me when feeding as they don't have to see anything, without me having to suffocate Daisy in the process!

I have had so many compliments on it and people haven't realised what it actually is, so I would say it's gone down well! Some products like this can be so expensive but for just over £20 it's a bargain, you'd struggle to find a top or kimono you'd like for that price. They are sent from the USA but this was sent to me really quickly so don't let that put you off.

It's been a bit of a saviour item for me in the first week and I am sure it will continue to be whilst I feed Daisy. If you've ever fed before you'll know that it's not as easy as latching baby on and away you go (well if that happened to you then you are lucky!!), it takes a bit of faffing and routing around so if they're hidden under a scarf/ top you feel a little less obvious in those uncomfortable situations. I know that some people will say it's natural and who cares if anyone can see etc but for a new mum who is experiencing it for the first time all I can say is I wish it was that easy!! 

There are a few other uses that Peekaboobtique mention on their site:

  • Wear it around town as a poncho, shawl, or scarf.- the obvious and the use I love much. I don't feel like a frumpy mum desperate to hide my baby
  • Use it as a nursing cover when it’s time to feed your baby- obviously!
  • Keep it in your diaper bag to have a soft baby blanket or changing pad on hand- personally it's too nice to change baby's bum on!! But to have a snuggle in is perfect! 
  • Slip it over the car seat or stroller to provide extra shade for your baby.

    Have you tried any products like this? If so I'd love to hear about them. 

    The company are offering a fab discount code for you all to get 15% off - bargain! I will be ordering myself another colour definitely. Coupon: "PEEKVIP" enter at check out at http://www.etsy.com/shop/peekaboobtique
lots of love, 
Hayley xxx