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Want to Work with Us?

Are you looking for a Blogger to Help with Blog or Video Content, Natural Real Life Photography or maybe just to Help with Blogger Outreach?

First I should probably tell you a little about me; I am a 30 year old freelance blogger who runs www.Hayleyslittlethings.com as well as recently launching our YouTube channel. I primarily write about all things parenting and my adventures with my little girl and baby boy.

I have 11 years experience in marketing and brand management, I work for a large FMCG, well known household brand as a day job as a brand controller so am fully aware of what is needed to strategically push your business to the correct audience. 

My biggest interests and what excites me most are travel, creating video content and photography. I love nothing more than to undertake projects that use all 3! I am constantly trying to improve the end result of my photographs and am continuously learning new techniques. 

I'm always happy to have a little chat, talk about any ideas you may have or any special requests. I'm also PR-friendly and will happily consider any review, sponsored post, or advertising opportunities as long as I feel them suitable for my audience. 

For all press enquiries please contact the below email address and I will get back to you as soon as I can.



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