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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Daisy's weaning journal #5 & Nuby Mash N Feed

So this week has been a little more ummmm... Challenging. We have had a few days where she has jammed those cute cherub lips shut so nothing was to pass them. I guess we all have days where we lose our appetite but it was a little frustrating at times, I think I get a little hung up on the idea that she needs to eat when in truth she has milk so gets all she needs from that for now anyway, and shall do for some time yet.

To overcome this I ended up just passing her a few things to try chew or suck and let her be Miss Independent and it did work on occasions. Foods included rusks, banana and mainly toast. Although we have a new favourite snack... Organix banana finger biscuits!! She goes mad for them and it will actually disappear where as most things look as if they do until you take her out of her chair and in fact she's just stored it in tiny pieces like a squirrel instead!!

I think my attitude on weaning has changed slightly this week and it's now more about let Daisy lead the way on what she wants and when she wants it. I will keep offering her food, puree and finger foods but not get too worried when she refuses. She will eat when she is hungry and like I've already said she has milk anyway!

We were lucky to be sent a Nuby Mash N Feed by Organix this week for a wean team challenge, anyone else tried one of these? The first thing I used it on was banana, how tricky is it to mash banana unless it's super duper ripe? Especially if trying to do it in your babies bowl where there's no room to get your spoon or fork in to mush it up? Well this is fab! It reminded me a bit of a pestle and mother, a baby version though of course! And a much more fun version! It was so easy! The bowl that it comes with has like ridges at the bottom which helps the masher bit rock over it, which mashed it up perfectly! Winner! 

Other things I've tried in it are potato and broccoli, obviously they do need to be cooked to an inch of their lives if you are going to mash those!! But it worked perfectly! For these photos its pear!

My really favourite thing about this little contraption is that you just chuck it in the dishwasher after and it cleans perfectly! Sometimes with those masher things you have to scrub them to death to remove the food out of their "teeth"!

It also comes with a long handled spoon, at first I though it looked like a sundae spoon but it's by far my best spoon yet. (How sad that I have a favourite spoon) Its shape is like a little scoop and so easy to feed Daisy with!

I highly recommend this, and it's a bargain for how easy it makes things! It will be perfect for on the go too! Only £4.99 on Nuby Online but I have also seen it in Boots at the moment for £3.99!!!

I have a post coming up shortly about eating as a family in season... 

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx

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