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The little things in life... 33 week bump and pregnancy update

How fast is this all coming around now? I am sure the last few weeks will drag on but for now its flying by. 

I had an appointment with the midwife this week and all seemed well, good strong little heartbeat booming away and all bloods appeared to be healthy. When they measured my bump as they always do, guess what? It's measuring ahead - again. She didn't seem overly worried about it saying small framed ladies do tend to carry very much at the front and seeing as its all based on my height and BMI then it doesn't always mean baby is too big for her gestation. We shall see! But if I am honest I would rather a baby on the hippo side of things than too small and slow on the growth scale. 

We also saw the consultant this week who we see fairly regularly, this meant we got to see her via ultrasound again. She is growing beautifully, her little cheeks are really full and she already appears to have bags of character and attitude sticking her tongue out at us being her party trick this week! It's really amazing how as time has gone on you are no longer looking at what looks like a skeleton/ alien on the screen but an actual real life baby! Surreal slightly. 

He did her measurements for us and she is perfect at the moment, not too big at all but a good, healthy size. He estimated over 4 and a half pounds!!! That sounds huge to me, but I'm reassured it's not!

So that is how things are medically so far.. emotionally I am now feeling almost ready for her to arrive. Her bedroom is near enough done, in no means is it finished or ready to show off but if she was to come along then things would be ready enough. in terms of everything else I am almost there.. I now have cotbed mattress, moses basket mattress etc. everything a little more important than a towel or a rubber duck at least.

In terms of myself I am feeling heavy, very heavy. Getting out of bed is a chore and leaves me breathless, who would have thought it? More the reason to stay in it as long as possible! My skin has improved.. slightly. I'm trying not to tamper with it too much as in the past this hasn't always done me any favours. in the on-going war of the stretchmark's I still don't have any new ones, I am continuing to use all the lotions and potions as weapons against it but I do think if they are going to arrive, then they will.

Emotionally I have felt a bit drained this week, probably from the tiredness and the hormones. And perhaps the realisation that actually realistically it could be as little as 4 weeks until we meet our daughter. I am naturally very excited but after so much worry its always going to be a little nerve wracking meeting her for the 1st time, never mind getting her out of her little home in my womb!

I have a busy weekend coming up with my baby shower/ party with all of my friends on Saturday and then a family meal on Sunday for Ben's parents anniversary. However, I have one job I really want to get done this weekend and that's to pack mine and baby's hospital bag or at least somewhere close to ready, just in case. I have mentioned before about considering a home birth and I am still in that frame of mind where I am hoping that all will go well enough for me to be at home but I will still need all of our bits together in one place and I'm not daft in realising things don't always work out and we could end up in hospital anyway.

A home birth is looking more and more likely to be on the cards now and the obesctrian seemed happy enough with the idea. We will see how things progress and as long as baby is growing nicely still in a few weeks then we are good to go!  I'm going to do a post on why choose a home birth but would be interested in hearing if anyone else has had one or is considering? 

No bump photo just yet this week but I am planning to have some taken tomorrow at my baby shower when I am little more presentable and not in my pjs! 

I've been wondering this last week or so if she will look like me or her dad? By the looks of her ultrasounds she seems to have more of her dads features at the moment, although it's always hard to tell! Here is a photo of me as a newborn, 5 generations in it! Not many babies are lucky enough to see that many grandparents! 

What's coming up?? 

I have some lovely maternity items to review over the next few weeks including a maternity kaftan, kimono and also a nursing scarf - okay so I may leave that one to the day I am nursing but they are beautiful and I can't wait to show you all.

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx


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