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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Toddler sleep regression is doing my head in!

What is it with little people (as in children?) and their sleep patterns? One minute they're settled and sleeping a solid 12 hours, and the next day they refuse to sleep any longer than an hour or so. I can not tell you how frustrating it is, mainly just because you know they are capable of sleeping through and there is no physical reason why they should be waking so often! 

I know they go through development stages and sometimes need reassurance, and I am happy to give it to her but that doesn't mean it doesn't frustrate me too. 

When you look up "toddler sleep regression" you get mixed results. One camp is saying how it is all behavioural, you need to train them into sleeping properly again, basically letting them cry out and act out until they give up and drop back off. This is so difficult, I am in two minds on it. Part of me wants to let her do this (to am extent) but she screams the place down and will do things like head butt the cot headboard, which I obviously don't want her to do but on the other hand does she think if she does that then she will get picked up and cuddled? 

And then even further down the line, she thinks she can come into our bed for a few hours sleep. The monkey sleeps like a dream cuddled up between us. Which is difficult because it is so tempting at 4am when you just want sleep and you know she will easily sleep until 8am in our bed!! 

The Babysleepsite (which I visit often at 4am!!) states the following:

 These regressions usually last for a period of time (anywhere from 2 – 6 weeks); then, your baby or toddler’s sleep should return to its normal patterns. (The exception to that rule is the 3/4 month regression; those changes to your baby’s sleep patterns are permanent.)
There are two regressions that happen during toddlerhood: one happens around 18 months, and the other happens right around the 2 year mark.
Which would really ring true with us, it has been the last month or so and she is approaching 18 months rapidly. 

Some more info:
All sleep regressions can be traced to a baby’s physical and mental development at that particular stage. At 18 months, some of these physical and developmental milestones contribute to the sleep regression:
  • Teething (many toddlers are cutting their 4 canine teeth around 18 months)
  • Separation anxiety (this tends to peak and be at its worst from 10-18 months)
  • Growing sense of independence (18 month olds are learning to exert their own wills, and are likely to resist doing something they don’t want to do — like going to bed)
This is Daisy down to a T. She is teething, pretty much all of her teeth seem to be trying to cut through, but she is also going through a "needy" stage, a bit clingy. 

How have you managed with sleep regressions? Any tips?

Lots of love, 
Hayley & Daisy xxx

Working away from home can be DIFFICULT!!

Exactly as it says on the tin, working away and having to stay away can be really difficult.

I am lucky in that I don't do it as often as I used to, but that doesn't mean it comes easy to me!

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx

Weird sleep behaviour...

You would expect me to start talking about Daisy here wouldn't you? Well I am afraid this post is all about me!

I just wanted to know if I am alone in this, does anyone else experience such weird behaviours since having children?!

So when Daisy was first born I would quite often wake to check she was still there in her moses basket, I would dream she was in the bed with us or that I had lost her. I have heard this is quite normal, who knows.

Anyway now she is older I now jump up and think she is walking into our bedroom, or maybe across the landing. I leap out of bed to check the stair gate is shut and to check she is okay, only to find her fast asleep in her cot! Of course. She is a clever and very daring little girl who would love to scale her cot to escape but it is really is not possible, so why would I dream these things and then even more weirdly, act upon it?

It drives my husband mad!!! I am sure I scare him to death!

It does tend to happen on nights when I am really shattered, when I have had a long day or maybe a rubbish nights sleep the night before. Does anyone else experience this? I have always been a chatter in my sleep, and have often had conversations while sleeping! But this is just annoying!

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx

Getting personal | VLOG

So I have always blogged about Daisy and how it was to discover that she may be born without her right hand.

A few weeks ago I decided to do a little video all about it. This was done for a project I am working on but has sat dormant for a while, so I thought I should just be brave and share it with you!

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx

Summer is making its way to autumn |Photo Post

Well summer has just about had its last day now and autumn is creeping in slowly.

I am actually looking forward to the cosy nights, the evenings drawing in and snuggling in big jumpers and blankets. I would have liked a few more sunny days, but you just can't have everything I guess!

A few photos from our week...

Hope you enjoy!

Lots of love,

Hayley & Daisy xxx

How to build a den for less than £50

Not so long ago we were set a task of building a den or reading corner (or something on those lines) for Daisy to enjoy. The idea being that you can build something like this from things you may have around the house already or that you can easily get hold of at a store, like Dunelm.

We were kindly sent a voucher to go shopping for anything we may need to create a cosy little snug. Before I went I had in mind that I would use some garden canes and a pair of curtains that could easily be rouched around the top with some twine and that would build us like a little teepee.

I had forgotten how expensive curtains actually are! It seemed an expensive idea for a bit of a den so we abandoned that idea sharpish!!

I wondered the store for a while looking for other options and trying to think about what I also had at home that I could utilise. I took my mum along with me as she is pretty good at things like this too. We finally decided on a bed sheet as they were inexpensive but big and that would cover a vast area!

We were lucky in that we found some nice vintage, white washed poles in store in the summer sale section. Otherwise I was going to use some canes that I already had in the garden shed! well, actually we were pretty lucky full stop with the sale! The double bed sheet was from the sale area, as well as the canes, fairy lights 92 sets), bunting and the teddy pink throw (which is amazingly soft by the way!).

Anyway this is what it looked like and how we built it:

So what did we need:

  • Canes / poles (at least 3 if you wish to have teepee shape)
  • Double bed sheet/ cover
  • Tie top sheer panel (ours has pretty birds on but they did all kinds and so cheap!)
  • Pegs - standard pegs would do the job!We had lovely little bird shaped ones for the novelty factor but plain would be fine
  • Battery operated fairy lights to pretty up (just make sure they are not a strangulation risk for your child!!)
  • Bunting
  • Cosy things like cushions, throws and soft toys! 
And that is it! 

Have you done anything similar?

Lots of love, 

Hayley & Daisy xx

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