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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Our very first Vlog: All about Bluestone

Just in case you missed it I gave Vlogging a little go!

I'm not sure it's something I'll do a lot of but I did quite enjoy it and enjoyed the challenge! And where best to start other than on our little Bluestone holiday.

I would love it if you gave it a little thumbs up :) It may just persuade me to do a few more!

Lots of love,

Hayley & Daisy xxx

#1 Visiting Bluestone with a young family: Accomodation

Blogging has given me some great opportunities and lots of excitement over the past year but this really was the icing on the cake. I am so thankful for the opportunities and it is always nice to have recognition for the hard work you put into your blog. In a non boasty way of course!

We were given the opportunity to go to Bluestone for a mid-week break as a #Bluestoneblogger in return for our honest feedback and reviews. It was so nice to be able to get my family involved and share the experience with some friends too. Me, Ben & Daisy were joined by some of our friends and their little girl who is a year older than Daisy. We thought it would be a shame not to share it with others when we could!

We stayed in a Grassholme lodge, which is just huge! But perfect for when there is more than one family staying. There were four bedrooms, one en-suite, two bathrooms with both a shower and a bath! So plenty of room for all of us to not get on top of one another. The downstairs was all open plan with a large sitting room with windows all around and double doors out on to the patio, a dining area with seating for six people and a large open kitchen with all the appliances you should need, including a dishwasher (thank goodness for that!!). One of the bedrooms and bathrooms was downstairs which was ideal for us with two little ones staying, it meant we could spread them out enough to not wake one another up in the night! I did a mini video tour of the lodge which I hopefully will get up for you soon.

The lodge was so clean and tidy it was lovely to turn up to, the beds were made and towels placed on each of the beds. It felt like we were staying in our own little hotel! The only thing we had to do was put the travel cot up and that took minutes. The beds were super comfy and the pillows very plump (is that the right word?), in fact a bit too plump for us that are used to limp, floppy pillows at home that need replacing! If you have a mattress for a travel cot then I suggest you take it as I don't think the travel cots were all that comfortable looking, I padded Daisys out with blankets so it wasn't an issue, but something to watch out for!

We stayed in Preselli View which is at the top of the park by the long stay car park and close to pretty much everything including the adventure centre and village. It was a perfect spot for us with pushchairs and it was so peaceful up there out of the way. Although the whole park felt peaceful to me, there were lots of children around but it still felt\ so relaxed and quiet.

We managed to get out and have picnic lunches on the bench on the patio a few days, we were really lucky with the weather! We had a few days with blue skies and not a cloud in sight! From our lodge we could see the mountains in the distance and the rest of the park.

There were a few recommendations where I think it could be made even better or perhaps that I would think about for next time, but these really are minor things:

  • A bath mat to stop babies and little children sliding all over the place when having a bath. Next time I will simply take mine with me, I may even buy a cheap one to live in our suitcase for any holiday we go on.

  • A hair dryer - no idea why but I expected to find one. Next time I will take my own :)
All really little, simple things!

Hayley xxx

We were offered a complimentary break at Bluestone in return for our honest opinion

Weekend style 2

If you didn't catch our post last week then this linky is held by Sarah over at The Knott Bump & Us and also Hannah at First Time Mummy. It's a perfect opportunity to show off photos of your beautiful bambinos and their trendy little clothes!

Day 1


I just love this little outfit, I have had these trousers from Next since Daisy was around 3 months old (Yes, a good old sale purchase!) and have been dying to see her in them. Finally they fit, kind of! I think we may get a bit of wear out of them anyway. The top is just a simple white Vest from Tesco and her beautiful cardigan was hand knitted by her very clever Nanny. And of course, supporting Mummy's venture the headbands is the double flower bow from Braces and Bows.

Day 2

Okay, so I did say I was going to try and show you something other than mustard. But actually its near on impossible because the majority of her current wardrobe is mustard and grey!!!! ooops! Oh and I just adore her in the colour :)

In this set of photos she is wearing a Next mustard jacket, a little Next dress which I just love with the tiny birds detail on and some Tesco navy leggings as she was crawling about outside most of the day!

Her little sunnies which we are definitely going to go back for at from H&M!
If you want to take part remember to link up to the following link:

The Knott Bump & Us
Lots of love,
Hayley & Daisy xxx

A mothers day wishlist

This weekend it will be my first ever mothers day, well apart from being a mother to Bob the dog of course.

I will be honest, I actually am a scrooge when it comes to this kind of thing (a bit like Valentines Day) and I do think they're just money swizzing events put on by the cards companies. I like people to know I love and appreciate them more often than one day, and buying a bouquet of flowers for £20 rather than the usual price of £10 just doesn't do that for me.

However, saying that it doesn't mean I don't like to be get spoiled every now and again. So a little wishlist for me, or maybe just some ideas I have seen and like...

Skagen black watch from ASOS, how cool is that? I have a Michael Korrs watch which I love and so wouldn't have chance to wear this enough to warrant actually having it, but how nice is this and it would go with everything!

A gorgeous blue satchel, again ASOS. I just love the metal casing around the edges!

I love those friendship bracelets by Hipanema too. A hefty price tag for what I would usually pay, but very nice none the less.

Also (lets hope mum isn't reading this post) we received this lovely gift from buyagift and couldn't resist it... They also have some other gorgeous products to choose from, with more of a traditional mothers day feel.

How about a Thorntons milk chocolate speech bubble which you could personalise? For less than a fiver it is a good value choice! Again available at buyagift.

They also do lots of afternoon tea and spa days, perfect not only for mothers day but birthdays or just because you can!

Lots of love on mothers day and every day of course,

Hayley & Daisy xxx

We were gifted the chopping board from buyagift in return for our honest opinion

Review: Wilko bedtime bath tried and tested

We are usually pretty loyal with our bubble bath products and often stick to Infacare or Johnsons Bedtime bath. However a few times now I've wondered through the baby aisle in Wilkinsons and seen their baby range (Rock N' Roll).

Actually for a non frills, value range the packaging isn't bad! Compared to the Tesco own range it looks pretty good! But I've not actually picked any up, probably because I've always bulk bought in the past and not really needed any when I've been in there.

Their beauty buys have had some good reviews recently so I had gone in to have a look at that really and then popped down the aisle to pick up some teething gel, and again I spotted the Wilko baby range. I didn't need really need any at the time but thought I'd pick some bubble bath up anyway. It felt like the safest option of the products to try out?? We have now started to use it, well we've used it for over a week really and I'm 50/50 on it, I just can't decide! 

Firstly it smells amazing, far nicer than any of the others! Still babyish but that bit more luxurious, really nice!! But... And a big but for me and Daisy! The bubbles are a poor show! There are a few when you first run the bath but once Daisy has splashed around for a minute they've gone, vanished completely. Really disappointing.

Once plus though is that it didn't seem to dry my hands out, which quite a few do!! But it didn't seem to make them nice and smooth either.

Actually I think writing that has confirmed it for me, we won't be buying it again! Even for less than £1 it just didn't tick our boxes sadly. Perhaps we will try something else from the range another day.

Have you tried any of the range at all?

Lots of love,

Hayley & Daisy xxx

How do you know when it's time?

Recently people have started asking more and more if and when we would hope to have another baby. Nothing new, somehow it's one of the first questions that some crazy women ask you the minute you step out (I mean waddle like John Wayne!) with baby nĂºmero uno!! But people do tend to ask more now, and I guess that's perhaps a bit more to do with Daisy's first birthday only two months away. And I suppose maybe she isn't a tiny baby any more!

But how do you know when is best, what's the best ideal age gap? Is having another baby the best thing to do? Too many questions and decisions to consider if you ask me! 
Will I be as sick the second time round? How would I cope having a toddler to run around after too? Should I enjoy a bit more routine, with work etc. for a while?

The questions go on and on!

I know we would like a sibling for Daisy but I have no idea when that may be. Seeing only child's (does that make sense?) playing on holiday or in the park compared to those with brothers and sisters is the key factor for me. I loved having a sister to play with and be my friend, and even now she is one of my best friends. If you have never had one then I think you get used to being alone and don't feel like you have missed out but I know I do want that little partnership for Daisy one day.

Seeing other bloggers and other friends who I was pregnant with at the same time announcing their pregnancies for the 2nd / 3rd time has just made me think about it. I have to say I haven't even thought about it until now, its been too busy this past 10 months!

What do you think? I know everyone has their own thoughts and opinions but I am always interested in hearing them!
Lots of Love,
Hayley xx