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#1 Visiting Bluestone with a young family: Accomodation

Blogging has given me some great opportunities and lots of excitement over the past year but this really was the icing on the cake. I am so thankful for the opportunities and it is always nice to have recognition for the hard work you put into your blog. In a non boasty way of course!

We were given the opportunity to go to Bluestone for a mid-week break as a #Bluestoneblogger in return for our honest feedback and reviews. It was so nice to be able to get my family involved and share the experience with some friends too. Me, Ben & Daisy were joined by some of our friends and their little girl who is a year older than Daisy. We thought it would be a shame not to share it with others when we could!

We stayed in a Grassholme lodge, which is just huge! But perfect for when there is more than one family staying. There were four bedrooms, one en-suite, two bathrooms with both a shower and a bath! So plenty of room for all of us to not get on top of one another. The downstairs was all open plan with a large sitting room with windows all around and double doors out on to the patio, a dining area with seating for six people and a large open kitchen with all the appliances you should need, including a dishwasher (thank goodness for that!!). One of the bedrooms and bathrooms was downstairs which was ideal for us with two little ones staying, it meant we could spread them out enough to not wake one another up in the night! I did a mini video tour of the lodge which I hopefully will get up for you soon.

The lodge was so clean and tidy it was lovely to turn up to, the beds were made and towels placed on each of the beds. It felt like we were staying in our own little hotel! The only thing we had to do was put the travel cot up and that took minutes. The beds were super comfy and the pillows very plump (is that the right word?), in fact a bit too plump for us that are used to limp, floppy pillows at home that need replacing! If you have a mattress for a travel cot then I suggest you take it as I don't think the travel cots were all that comfortable looking, I padded Daisys out with blankets so it wasn't an issue, but something to watch out for!

We stayed in Preselli View which is at the top of the park by the long stay car park and close to pretty much everything including the adventure centre and village. It was a perfect spot for us with pushchairs and it was so peaceful up there out of the way. Although the whole park felt peaceful to me, there were lots of children around but it still felt\ so relaxed and quiet.

We managed to get out and have picnic lunches on the bench on the patio a few days, we were really lucky with the weather! We had a few days with blue skies and not a cloud in sight! From our lodge we could see the mountains in the distance and the rest of the park.

There were a few recommendations where I think it could be made even better or perhaps that I would think about for next time, but these really are minor things:

  • A bath mat to stop babies and little children sliding all over the place when having a bath. Next time I will simply take mine with me, I may even buy a cheap one to live in our suitcase for any holiday we go on.

  • A hair dryer - no idea why but I expected to find one. Next time I will take my own :)
All really little, simple things!

Hayley xxx

We were offered a complimentary break at Bluestone in return for our honest opinion


  1. Gorgeous photo. You never do know with hairdryers do you?

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  2. Great post, Bluestone is just lovely isn't it! x

  3. Great post. Jealous of your amazing view too. I totally agree with your point about the bath mat, Archie went sliding around a few times as he's used to have one xx

    1. It was quite funny but a bit scary at times! 😂