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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Pregnancy Update: 38 Weeks pregnant

38 Weeks?!! What?!!!

I made it to another week, with all the pains and contractions of last week I didn't know if I would be writing this, but guess what I am! And now I think I may be writing a few more! The pains and symptoms have worn away and left me just feeling rather pregnant and used to the idea that this baby could in fact be late. I bloody hope not though. I think I may lose the will to live slightly.

I keep having days/ moments where I have pains that can time and that take my breath away and then as if by magic they go as quick as they came. I must just have a super sensitive uterus that doesn't like lugging around a big full term baby but actually will hold on to him for a while longer, because it can!

I made it to yet another swimming lesson this week and although I really wasn't feeling it before hand and actually was close to turning around and driving home, I enjoyed it! And Daisy absolutely loved it, so it was worth finding that motivation to go. Last week after swimming lesson I had loads of pains because I think I maybe over did it, but this week... NADA! NOTHING! Ah well, it was worth a shot.

I am trying to be as active as I can so I give him as much chance as I can to get his way down that canal and out into the world, but it is a fine line between what is appropriate and what will just knacker me out and make feel horrid afterwards. I have woken up a few days now feeling just rotten, really sick and just yuck! No idea if it the hormones or maybe tiredness creeping in.

I had the midwife Monday and there wasn't much said to update you on really. He isn't as engaged as he was last time, although they do pop in and out of your pelvis second time around. He was measuring big AGAIN! and well that was it... Nothing I didn't already know. I did talk about the millions of braxton hicks I had been having and the contraction type pains and she did reassure me that time spent doing it now takes it off the time of the actual labour - if that is true or not is anyone's guess, but I will take that! Look on the bright side!

I have been filming a video diary of how I have been feeling and what I have been up to so to see the latest week you can see it below. 

Holidaying with a baby/ toddler: Villa Life

We have been on holiday and decided to stay in a villa a few times now, last year was the first time we took Daisy and it was by far the best idea we had. The style of accommodation that best suits your plans is one of the major decisions you have to make when planning any trip abroad, this is even more important when you have a mini human to take along with you too! 

I am sure you can imagine that once the travelling nightmares are over then it is pretty much home away from home, you can make yourself comfortable, have your own space and take things at your own leisure and pace rather than putting in plans around the facilities at the hotel, feeding times etc.

It is the way we would would 100% choose to take our holiday now if it was an option. We have since stayed in hotels and things, and well that is nice too but we do find villa life so much easier with a child, and well potentially two very soon. (The baby is not potential, he is definitely en route within the next few weeks, but I am unsure if we will get a holiday this year or not!).

We went to Cyprus with Daisy when she was just about one year old. There were so many factors that made this holiday so relaxed and that were contributed to by the fact we had our own little home for the week:

  • Space - And plenty of it! There was enough room to put her down for a nap, get shade, feed her, give her a good nights sleep and spread out our baby/ toddler paraphernalia! 
  • Avoid the heat - We could avoid the peak heat times, so in an afternoon Daisy could snooze away for a few hours in the bedroom or living room where it was nice and cool and we could sit right outside her door and enjoy the sunshine! You would be very lucky to be able to do this in a hotel! 
  • Food and drink options - Well we used to go to the supermarket every couple of days, which is actually one of my favourite things to do anyway on holiday! We could lunch at the villa, have breakfast every morning so there was no rushing about and we could even have had evening meals if we chose to. We actually only ate in a few times in the evening but with two children we may do it far more! Of course not only is it convenient with a child, especially when at the weaning phase but it actually works out much cheaper to eat at home when you can! 
  • You have the pool to yourself! I don't think I need to go into too much detail here! 
  • The majority of villas we found have all the mod-cons you would need from that may not necessarily get at a hotel or that you would have to pay extra for anyway; Wi-Fi to air conditioning and like I already mentioned,your own private pool. No more quarrels over sun loungers and disturbed relaxation (except for having a child to look after of course!!) and the best position guaranteed.You simply just follow the sun around the garden! 
  • A car - of course you don't have to opt to have a car and you could always get one if you stayed in a hotel too but with a car you can also use it as a base to discover the area, site-see when you fancy it and get to know the place you have travelled to.It allows you to travel to these places without being tied to organised trips and public transport, which lets face it isn't all that pleasant with a baby in tow!!

This has made me feel all nostalgic now and craving a bit of sunshine, but we will have to see what the year has in store for us first!

Lots of love,
Hayley xx

What I have packed in my hospital bag

I had a few readers request that I do a "what is in my hospital bag" type post.

I thought that it may be easier to film it rather than take millions of photos, edit them and then write it all up. Yes I am a lazy, round pregnant lady! (I am using that excuse while I can!)

So here we go...

Pregnancy Update: 37 Weeks pregnant

Well which ever due date you go by I have now made it to 37 weeks! If I go by my hospital notes then today is the day, and I am so relieved. Purely because I want to try and have baby at a midwife led centre and I needed to be classed as full term to do this!

I have been on maternity since Monday and actually although on Monday morning I was already complaining of being bored stiff I am quite enjoying it. I am just resting when I can, snuggling and spending time with Daisy and pottering around the house. Although this is only day 3 so who knows how it will go, depending on how long we have no baby for!

37 weeks Daisy Bump

Today I have taken Daisy for her swimming lesson and there were some surprised faces there to see me still going! I felt fine though this morning and thought why not, I had to entertain her all day somehow and she absolutely loves swimming and I love taking her! Who knows if it will be my last for a few weeks, I think that to myself most weeks and here I am still going. Before I went into the lesson I had felt a few tweaking twinges but that is nothing new for me so carried on regardless. However since the lesson the pains have worsened and are coming every now and again. They are like sharp pains between my legs (just like I have been having for weeks!) that come more frequent than they usually do and some lower tummy ache too, like a dull achy feeling a bit like the start of a period maybe. Now as I sit and write this its all moved down to my thighs, again like that heavy menstrual type pain. I am 100% sure it's nothing and that I have just over done it today but it is annoying none the less!

If you read my posts or watch my videos then you'll know I expected this baby to arrive early like his sister, in fact Daisy started to make her arrival at 37 weeks on the dot so that would in effect be tonight if he was to follow suit. But now I really think I have another week at least of this and actually part of me hopes I do. I really don't feel ready for this baby mentally. Well I actually think its the labour that is scaring me sh*tless!!! I remember being elated after delivering Daisy and feeling such adrenalin but when I think back the journey wasn't easy, it was long, tiring, painful and complicated! But I am not sure you ever feel ready for that do you?!

I am actually filming like a maternity diary this week, just little snippets of my day, how I am feeling and what I have been upto. I expect to have this up by the weekend :)

For now here is my latest pregnancy Diary post:

Positive Birth Stories #2 Another early yet positive delivery for Emma

As promised I am going to be sharing a few birth stories over the next few weeks, remaining positive in time for our impending arrival of our baby boy, here goes number 2! 

If you read this regularly then you will have seen the post earlier in the week from Emma who has just started her very own blog, click the link HERE to go find it :) 

This is her second instalment with birth #2! 

Fast forward 2 and a half years and here I am pregnant again, sat in the midwifes office answering the question what's your birth plan? This is my opportunity to do it the way I want to this time. A home birth, my family around me, all my home comforts, no weeks stay in hospital for me this time. And what happened? My waters broke at 35 weeks and a day! You couldn't make it up.

After 48 hours on the maternity ward and here we go again, induction. It was very odd actually being back without sounding strange I felt quite at home. My friends would probably say that was due to the private rooms I seem to get allocated! They obviously know I'm a VIP! This time because I was on my second preterm baby I was induced on the labour ward. Off I went after nearly a day of waiting for the call at 4pm.

So pessary number one and off we go, as with last time nothing was happening so we just had to sit it out. After the obligatory 6 hours I was checked and nothing. Pessary number 2, up to now Gary and I had been our usual selves being silly, giggling, singing, going for walks when I wasn't hooked up to assess the baby's movement but by midnight I thought I should try and get some rest. So we shut off all the lights and had a bit of a sleep. At around 4am I started to feel some twinges which I couldn't really sleep through. So I got up and did some rotations of my hips, again my Hypnobirthing classes 'rotate to dilate' were paying off even if I didn't even manage to finish one full term this time!

I was due to be examined at 6am so continued to walk about, eat and drink oh and wee which was very liberating after last time. At 6am I was examined and it seemed like things were moving only slightly but I was now 2-3cm dilated. The midwife spoke to the Dr and he said I could try and continue on a little longer but if nothing happened after an hour I would go on the drip. It was getting to that point in the morning when the staff start to do their handover and I could feel myself getting fed up, I also started to feel quite shivery I couldn't stop it I was like shaking inside. So I sat myself on the bed which had now been transformed into some mad throne looking chair and calmed my self down with some breathing. At 7am I was examined as agreed and there was no change so it was now time for the drip.

7.40am and I am hooked up to Syntocin, you can feel the effects more or less instantly the contractions start. Now the question I had asked pregnant, "How will I know if I am having a contraction?" felt like a real silly one! I knew. I had to go right to my escalator breath almost straight away. Now hit 8am and we have a new midwife and whole team of consultants including what looked like a school of students with him coming in to introduce themselves and whisper about me over my notes.

One consultant referred to my preterm babies as being my doing as I had 'form' normally I would have laughed but I really was not in the mood. As the contractions got stronger I could feel myself disappearing into my zone more and more. I wasn't able to answer the midwife when she spoke and I felt like I really wanted to be on my side. My breathing got heavier to the point I felt like I was grunting and all I could imagine was a cow giving birth and grunting!

Now it was time to push and in flew every Dr and midwife, I was warned they would all be there for my big moment! This time I felt like the midwife was really guiding me with my breathing at this point unlike the first time and being on my side was fantastic! I am not sure who's uniform I grabbed but I was firmly holding onto somebody. Three big pushes and my baby boy arrived. All 5lb 6oz of him at 10.41am. When the senior midwife came to assist with delivering the placenta she asked the midwife why I'd not been offered any gas and air to which my husband answered she wouldn't take it.

Again it wasn't what I had planned but these things never are, my babies are both here safe and sound and I got my drug free labours thanks to Hypnobirthing, strong will and a supportive husband! I won't ever feel the sensation of spontaneously going into labour, I won't ever feel what it's like to keep your babies with you after giving birth and them not being taken away. But I'm happy to keep it that way! 

Pregnancy Diary: 36 Weeks update

Here we go... 36 weeks. The countdown is well and truly on! Will it be a few weeks or possibly 6?! I can't even imagine going 2 weeks over due, I think I will just cry every day from 39 weeks ish if that happens!

I am pleased to say most of the "disgusting" ailments that I suffered with last week seem to be on their way out or have gone. However the pains remain! These are now very, very sharp and leave me unable to sit down most evenings. It feels as if I am trying to sit on something like a hot fire poker and it makes me jump up and the only way to make it manageable is to stand and rock side to side! Not even a bath works because I just can't sit down! I can't even use my ball when it gets like this because again I can't sit!

I wasn't overly worried as I am now 36 weeks and so just a week off when Daisy was born, however I very much want this baby to go to term too so 37 weeks minimum! It is far safer for them, much less risk and hopefully I can get my Midwife Led delivery in the local hospital rather than travelling to the closest labour ward with consultants.

I had the midwife yesterday which was great timing really, so I could chat about these pains I had been having. Well it turns out this baby is fully engaged! He is right down into my pelvis now and so I am pretty much sat on his head bless him, and he is probably head butting my cervix, especially in an evening when I no doubt relax a little and let him in a bit further!

With your 2nd baby it is possible for the baby to engage and then disengage several times before they arrive as everything has been stretched before. However the midwife did mention he feels very snug and tight down there so she wasn't sure he would be floating back out very easily, although he could also sit down there merrily for weeks yet!

All other tests seemed fine; urinalysis, blood pressure etc. His growth had dropped a little according to the fundal height measurements but that is to be expected now his head can't be felt when being measured. The midwife wasn't worried, and to be honest I was nearing the top line so I think he is a pretty healthy size anyway and he is still showing growth, just not at the same level as he was.

I have done a little video update to go alongside this:

Positive Birth Stories #1 An early induction for Emma helped by hypnobirthing

As promised I am going to be sharing a few birth stories over the next few weeks, remaining positive in time for our impending arrival of our baby boy. 

I thought where best to start than with one of my bestest buddies Emma who has just started her very own blog, click the link HERE to go find it :) 

I was hoping I would get to tell my birth stories one day so when the lovely Hayley asked me to guest blog I was so excited!!

I had always been so nervous of giving birth. I can be a bit of a control freak and hate feeling like I'm not in charge of what's happening to me and birth seemed like a scenario I would not be able to control. I wanted to find a way to help me feel in control but when I got pregnant I couldn't find anything to help. Until I found hypnobirthing classes and they made me feel like I was going to be ready for what was heading my way. I was so ready in my first pregnancy that my waters broke at 35 weeks and 3 days!

Unfortunately for the 48 hours after them breaking, my waters remained blood stained so at 35 weeks and 5 days I was induced! It was quite funny actually when the Dr told us we would be induced it was a Friday morning and in our first baby naievity we assumed she meant on Monday so when I asked her the question and she said now I nearly fell off the bed! 

The policy at the time at our local hospital was to begin induction on the maternity ward so not long after the Dr left I was taken to a side room and given my first pessary. For those of you who don't know what this is it's basically a tablet that is placed in the neck of your womb to start your cervix dilating. I was sent off on my merry way to see if anything would happen and would be monitored for the coming hours. After months of Hypnobirthing I thought bouncing on my birthing ball and walking around and around and around the hospital grounds dragging my husband would work but 6 hours later and no go I had dilated by 1cm and in fairness was feeling nothing. So on the bed for the next round. At this point being in the maternity ward meant I could still have visitors so my lovely friend came to see me and brought me some Kirby grips to tie back my fringe!! I can't tell you how much I needed them. Over the 2 days I'd been in the hospital before anything happened I amassed so much stuff they got a shopping trolley to move it all down to the labour ward! Top tip pack a bag early in your pregnancy, you just never know.

So another 6 hours later and a steroid injection for my premmie girls lungs and still no movement, so off we went down to the labour ward to be hooked up to the drip. It was midnight when I arrived on the ward and by 2am I was all connected to the Syntocin drip. The midwife looking after me wasn't really into my idea of Hypnobirthing in fact when providing her with the A4 sheet of information she folded it up and said "all that goes out of the window with induction". Did I ever tell you I am a control freak?

Well this comment was like a red rag to a bull! As anyone who knows me will vouch when I'm told I can't do something I tend to go ahead and do it anyway, never been my greatest strength. So I continued as much as I could with my crazy hippy birth. I asked if I could get on my birth ball and after a few moans and groans I was helped off the bed and allowed a bounce about. Every now and then my bouncing caused the monitor assessing the baby to move so I was hauled back on the bed much to my annoyance. I was also told I couldn't eat, this is a big part of the teaching we received to ensure you fuel your body for your birth you must eat and drink and ensure your passing urine regularly. I had been hypnobirthed and it felt like I had to do what I had paid all this money out to learn! So every time the midwife left the room my husband would shove full Jaffa cakes in my mouth so we wouldn't get caught!

Now every time I wanted to be on my birthing ball and the monitor moved the midwife was getting concerned that the baby's heart rate was changing. As it had happened a number of times she decided she would prepare me for surgery and call the Dr in. This is where the sexy surgery socks come out!! Trust me they are hot! I had the midwife on one leg and my husband on the other sticking these what look like football socks with no toes on me! In comes the Dr who assesses the monitoring of baby and feels it's ok. What I have failed to mention up to now is that I am breathing through my contractions at this point. I was quite adamant with the midwife even after her pestering that I didn't want any drugs, I even humoured her and had a puff of the gas and air but it instantly gave me a drunk feeling like when you can't feel your teeth and that was far too out of control for me. Like I had been taught I was riding the wave of the contraction with a breath called an escalator, puffing in and out through each contraction as it became stronger and longer.

As with most of the night I decided I needed a wee so I waddled over to the bed pan with much assistance from the husband and then all of a sudden I felt like I needed more than a wee!!! The midwife told me to get back on to the bed which I did with much support and much distain. A little voice from my hypnobirth teacher was saying don't be on your back your pelvis needs to flare back! But this midwife wanted me on the bed. What else could I do but use my husband's neck as a lever and hoist myself up. He has since told me I was hurting him but didn't dare say anything. Wise move if you ask me! I was now ready to push. Up until this point I had been a calm, controlled individual and for some reason I think I lost my zone and I was like a woman possessed. I kept thinking why did you do this without any drugs you mad woman! But 10 minutes of pushing and a few expletives later and my little 4lb 13oz lady was born! 8:06am on the clock.

Although it wasn't what I had dreamt of I felt like I'd been as in control as I could have been.

Birth #2 coming very soon! 

Pregnancy Diary: 35 Weeks update

Well here we go, another week down.

I am actually closer to 36 weeks now than 35 but seeing as though I had gone to the effort of doing a video update then I thought I should at least publish it here too. Also who knows how many more weeks I have to bore you all to death with? I guess it will all be replaced with baby spam anyway, although that is far cuter if we are honest huh!

So 35 weeks brought me more disgusting ailments that I won't go into detail with, but it required more trips to the chemist and more feeling groggy. I am happy to day that I now feel better and "almost" normal, well as a normal as a turtle stuck on their back feels anyway!

My blood tests came back that my anaemia had actually not improved and so my iron supplements have been upped. I have made sure my diet is still good too to help with this and I must say I actually feel quite bright this week now.

I feel like my bump has shrunk a little this week, but he has certainly dropped a little so that may be why I feel that way. I can breathe again and my heartburn has eased quite dramatically. I have had a few crampy type pains to go alongside this and the lightening crotch has gone up a gear and they really make me shout now and jump up! I do wonder how long I will have my little womb tenant for now, but I do also think I will be going overdue with this one and it is my body playing tricks on me! Who knows, it is all a waiting game isn't it!

I now have mine and babies hospital bags packed and sorted, sat next to the carseat ready to go when ever it is needed! There is the odd thing to pop in like a top or two for me for after I have had baby but it is pretty much done now. I feel far more relaxed now. I have also washed half of his clothes and blankets etc and they are ironed and away in his drawers, I just need to do the rest now!

I have my baby "shower" this weekend which my lovely girls invited me to, so I am really looking forward to that, it will be lovely to spend some time with them before this bump turns into a bambino! The weather is supposed to be beautiful so I really hope it stays that way so we can enjoy some sunshine too, just a shame I won't be able to indulge in any cocktails in the sun!

So here is the latest update:

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx

Daisy, a letter to you on your 2nd birthday...

To Daisy,

You are now 2!

I know it's a cliché but I really don't know where the last two years have gone, it feels like just a few months ago that we brought all 5lbs of you home from the hospital, but then it also feels like you have been part of us forever too. It's hard to remember life before you! you will probably really cringe reading this one day, I'm cringing a bit as I write it!

You make our day to day lives full of fun and laughter as we see you grow into a little lady, it isn't easy at times but we really do love it. It didn't feel like you were a baby for long as you are so independent and feisty, and want to do what ever you can for yourself! I remind you quite often that you're only a teeny tot and that you've got years and years to grow up, there's no rush! I have a feeling I'll be saying this every year from now on!

You are a strong willed little flower, who does what she wants, and only what she wants and when she wants to do it! Once you've made your mind up its very difficult to persuade you otherwise! You were such a placid baby but you've really grown into yourself and are very sure of what you like and don't like! 

This year is going to be a little different, in a few weeks time you will become a big sister to your baby brother! The house is about to get fuller and louder and hopefully even more fun for you! I'm sure it will be tricky having to share our time but just know that our love wont lessen, it will grow to love you both exactly the same!

Hopefully having a brother will mean growing up you're never lonely, never bored and will have lots of fun! I'm excited to see what you think to him when he arrives. At the moment you love babies and playing with your dolls, although you are a little amazed when you see a real life baby and are not quite sure how to be around them, you are very good just a little too loving perhaps! But you will soon get how it goes I am sure, I am sure you will love your little brother very much and help us to look after him. At nursery they tell me you like to look after the babies, making sure they're happy and entertained.

You love to be outside exploring, playing and your favourite thing to do is to play tea parties and picnics in the garden.You have helped Dad plant the salad seeds this week and pot on tomatoes and strawberries so I am sure you will enjoy watching them grow this summer!

Your eating could be better but at least you do eat even if it is only what you want to eat and nothing else. You are very stubborn and won't even try most things even though a year ago you would have tried anything I gave you to try. Luckily you eat fruit and not just bread, crackers and beige things (and that is limited, you won't even try a chip unless your cousin Mollie does!)! I really don't know where we went wrong as we introduced you to everything and anything we could but just one week you decided nope, enough was enough! And meal times became a bit of a battle, I have learnt not to get too upset over it most of the time now and will just keep trying with you! I just hope next year when I write a post like this I am saying what a wonderful eater you are!!

We still have swimming lessons and you absolutely love them, I love taking you and hope we can keep it up for as long as we can. your confidence in the water is amazing, people can never believe how well you can actually swim for a 2 year old, you have no fear at all! With some arms floats you whizz your way around the pool without thinking twice, leaving me just to watch you! We went to Centre Parcs not long ago and you had the time of your life swimming every day!

We have been on some lovely holidays this past few years and you have done lots of travelling for your young age. We have been to Cyprus, Wales, Centre Parcs in the Lake District, Italy (Venice, Verona & Lake Garda!), London, you have been very busy! I am sure we have another fun year to get started with now...

Lots of love,

Mumma xx

Why would you choose a Home Birth?

During pregnancy with Daisy I planned a home birth, for various reasons.  I say planned because as you'll know labour and pregnancy itself doesn't really like to follow a plan and anything could change, but the hope and dream was to have my baby in the comfort and familiar surroundings of my own home and creature comforts.

What made me consider it?!

A friend of mine had planned to have a home birth just before I had and well it inspired me when she was talking about it and so I looked into it more and more. Sadly it didn't quite pan out that way due to her baby being too excited to meet her and coming early (you have to be minimum 37 weeks for babies health risks) and well I guess this maybe planted a seed with me. But subconsciously maybe as it wasn't until I was quite late on in my third trimester that I decided it may be for me after all.

I think it all stemmed from when we started to have such regular trips to the hospital to see the obstetrician and it hit me how nervous and clammy hospitals make me, this isn't a new fear and it's nothing new for me, I'm a regular fainter when it comes to hospital visits! I've no idea why... It also then made me realise I wasn't the only one who hated the environment, Ben isn't comfortable there either- I guess no one is really?

With the visits to the hospital and the upset we had encountered it made me realise I wanted to be in a comfortable place that I felt safe and content, not only for the labour but for after delivery in those precious first few hours and days. I got it into my head that I didn't want nurses, midwives and other mummy's etc in and out of my space, I wanted the time to just absorb our baby with Ben and adjust to the reality of her arriving! Lock ourselves away I guess and enjoy those first hours as a little family alone.

I should say that although we had regular appointments with the hospital the pregnancy was a healthy, non complicated one and baby was showing no signs of being unhealthy in the slightest. If any of that was a doubt then they wouldn't have agreed for it to be planned at home and I wouldn't have wanted it to either, my baby's health is always going to be my priority.

Other reasons for me were that there are statistics out there that show that women who labour at home tend to have less intervention as they don't have the stresses of the environment which can have an affect in labouring such as slowing it down. Another big reason for me was that I want to attempt to have a water birth, our hospital has just one pool and if it's in use at the time then tough!!! So the likeliness maybe of me having that birth wasn't necessarily in my favour where as at home I could hop in and out as I pleased.

Once you make the 37 weeks mark then you are safe to go ahead and try for a home birth and then the midwives came out to look at the house and chat through the process. It's exactly as I expected, they told you any reasons that I may need to be transferred to hospital before, during or after labour, they have to prepare you. Examples could be:

- labour is not progressing and you need a hand
- baby is showing signs of distress
- You feel you need more pain relief such as an epidural (you can have gas and air and pethidine at home)
- your waters go but within 24 hours no contractions have started

There are some serious reasons and some not so risky but either way you have to be open to the thought that you may well end up in hospital anyway. I of course had my bags packed just in case, I couldn't trust anyone else to pack it for me in a rush!!!! And well I expected I wouldn't be operating fully to be able to do it myself either!

So when the midwives came out they brought their kit with them, a big yellow medical waste bin filled with lots of medical bits that they may need such as towels, gloves, catheters, sick bowls, you know all the really exciting, glamorous things!!!Things that make you feel super calm... Or not! I also had the birthing pool ready to go.

I am really lucky that those that matter to us supported our decision for a home birth, not everyone would like it and not every one agrees in general but it has to be your own decision. It definitely helps though when your family understand why you want to and are actually excited for you to give it a go! It was planned that it would be Ben and my mum with me on the day and both showed no signs of panic or distress at the idea, they knew we would be in safe hands of the midwives and only a short ride from the hospital should we have needed it.

Sadly if you have read my birth story with Daisy then you will know it didn't quite go to plan and my labour didn't progress without intervention and so after a day of trying on my own I had to be transferred to the hospital, but I gave it a good go. It turns out my delivery wasn't the smoothest either but that no doubt was from the long and exhausting labour that lead up to it. This wouldn't have put me off another attempted home birth this time around, but sadly the maternity care in our area has changed since I had Daisy and the hospital is a much longer drive away from home for consultant care, and so I just don't feel comfortable in planning it. So I am opting for a birth in the Midwife Led unit instead. But I would 100% have loved to have had one of my babies at home!

Lots of love,
Hayley x