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Pregnancy Update: 37 Weeks pregnant

Well which ever due date you go by I have now made it to 37 weeks! If I go by my hospital notes then today is the day, and I am so relieved. Purely because I want to try and have baby at a midwife led centre and I needed to be classed as full term to do this!

I have been on maternity since Monday and actually although on Monday morning I was already complaining of being bored stiff I am quite enjoying it. I am just resting when I can, snuggling and spending time with Daisy and pottering around the house. Although this is only day 3 so who knows how it will go, depending on how long we have no baby for!

37 weeks Daisy Bump

Today I have taken Daisy for her swimming lesson and there were some surprised faces there to see me still going! I felt fine though this morning and thought why not, I had to entertain her all day somehow and she absolutely loves swimming and I love taking her! Who knows if it will be my last for a few weeks, I think that to myself most weeks and here I am still going. Before I went into the lesson I had felt a few tweaking twinges but that is nothing new for me so carried on regardless. However since the lesson the pains have worsened and are coming every now and again. They are like sharp pains between my legs (just like I have been having for weeks!) that come more frequent than they usually do and some lower tummy ache too, like a dull achy feeling a bit like the start of a period maybe. Now as I sit and write this its all moved down to my thighs, again like that heavy menstrual type pain. I am 100% sure it's nothing and that I have just over done it today but it is annoying none the less!

If you read my posts or watch my videos then you'll know I expected this baby to arrive early like his sister, in fact Daisy started to make her arrival at 37 weeks on the dot so that would in effect be tonight if he was to follow suit. But now I really think I have another week at least of this and actually part of me hopes I do. I really don't feel ready for this baby mentally. Well I actually think its the labour that is scaring me sh*tless!!! I remember being elated after delivering Daisy and feeling such adrenalin but when I think back the journey wasn't easy, it was long, tiring, painful and complicated! But I am not sure you ever feel ready for that do you?!

I am actually filming like a maternity diary this week, just little snippets of my day, how I am feeling and what I have been upto. I expect to have this up by the weekend :)

For now here is my latest pregnancy Diary post:

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