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Holidaying with a baby/ toddler: Villa Life

We have been on holiday and decided to stay in a villa a few times now, last year was the first time we took Daisy and it was by far the best idea we had. The style of accommodation that best suits your plans is one of the major decisions you have to make when planning any trip abroad, this is even more important when you have a mini human to take along with you too! 

I am sure you can imagine that once the travelling nightmares are over then it is pretty much home away from home, you can make yourself comfortable, have your own space and take things at your own leisure and pace rather than putting in plans around the facilities at the hotel, feeding times etc.

It is the way we would would 100% choose to take our holiday now if it was an option. We have since stayed in hotels and things, and well that is nice too but we do find villa life so much easier with a child, and well potentially two very soon. (The baby is not potential, he is definitely en route within the next few weeks, but I am unsure if we will get a holiday this year or not!).

We went to Cyprus with Daisy when she was just about one year old. There were so many factors that made this holiday so relaxed and that were contributed to by the fact we had our own little home for the week:

  • Space - And plenty of it! There was enough room to put her down for a nap, get shade, feed her, give her a good nights sleep and spread out our baby/ toddler paraphernalia! 
  • Avoid the heat - We could avoid the peak heat times, so in an afternoon Daisy could snooze away for a few hours in the bedroom or living room where it was nice and cool and we could sit right outside her door and enjoy the sunshine! You would be very lucky to be able to do this in a hotel! 
  • Food and drink options - Well we used to go to the supermarket every couple of days, which is actually one of my favourite things to do anyway on holiday! We could lunch at the villa, have breakfast every morning so there was no rushing about and we could even have had evening meals if we chose to. We actually only ate in a few times in the evening but with two children we may do it far more! Of course not only is it convenient with a child, especially when at the weaning phase but it actually works out much cheaper to eat at home when you can! 
  • You have the pool to yourself! I don't think I need to go into too much detail here! 
  • The majority of villas we found have all the mod-cons you would need from that may not necessarily get at a hotel or that you would have to pay extra for anyway; Wi-Fi to air conditioning and like I already mentioned,your own private pool. No more quarrels over sun loungers and disturbed relaxation (except for having a child to look after of course!!) and the best position guaranteed.You simply just follow the sun around the garden! 
  • A car - of course you don't have to opt to have a car and you could always get one if you stayed in a hotel too but with a car you can also use it as a base to discover the area, site-see when you fancy it and get to know the place you have travelled to.It allows you to travel to these places without being tied to organised trips and public transport, which lets face it isn't all that pleasant with a baby in tow!!

This has made me feel all nostalgic now and craving a bit of sunshine, but we will have to see what the year has in store for us first!

Lots of love,
Hayley xx

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