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Pregnancy Diary: 36 Weeks update

Here we go... 36 weeks. The countdown is well and truly on! Will it be a few weeks or possibly 6?! I can't even imagine going 2 weeks over due, I think I will just cry every day from 39 weeks ish if that happens!

I am pleased to say most of the "disgusting" ailments that I suffered with last week seem to be on their way out or have gone. However the pains remain! These are now very, very sharp and leave me unable to sit down most evenings. It feels as if I am trying to sit on something like a hot fire poker and it makes me jump up and the only way to make it manageable is to stand and rock side to side! Not even a bath works because I just can't sit down! I can't even use my ball when it gets like this because again I can't sit!

I wasn't overly worried as I am now 36 weeks and so just a week off when Daisy was born, however I very much want this baby to go to term too so 37 weeks minimum! It is far safer for them, much less risk and hopefully I can get my Midwife Led delivery in the local hospital rather than travelling to the closest labour ward with consultants.

I had the midwife yesterday which was great timing really, so I could chat about these pains I had been having. Well it turns out this baby is fully engaged! He is right down into my pelvis now and so I am pretty much sat on his head bless him, and he is probably head butting my cervix, especially in an evening when I no doubt relax a little and let him in a bit further!

With your 2nd baby it is possible for the baby to engage and then disengage several times before they arrive as everything has been stretched before. However the midwife did mention he feels very snug and tight down there so she wasn't sure he would be floating back out very easily, although he could also sit down there merrily for weeks yet!

All other tests seemed fine; urinalysis, blood pressure etc. His growth had dropped a little according to the fundal height measurements but that is to be expected now his head can't be felt when being measured. The midwife wasn't worried, and to be honest I was nearing the top line so I think he is a pretty healthy size anyway and he is still showing growth, just not at the same level as he was.

I have done a little video update to go alongside this:

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