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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Weird sleep behaviour...

You would expect me to start talking about Daisy here wouldn't you? Well I am afraid this post is all about me!

I just wanted to know if I am alone in this, does anyone else experience such weird behaviours since having children?!

So when Daisy was first born I would quite often wake to check she was still there in her moses basket, I would dream she was in the bed with us or that I had lost her. I have heard this is quite normal, who knows.

Anyway now she is older I now jump up and think she is walking into our bedroom, or maybe across the landing. I leap out of bed to check the stair gate is shut and to check she is okay, only to find her fast asleep in her cot! Of course. She is a clever and very daring little girl who would love to scale her cot to escape but it is really is not possible, so why would I dream these things and then even more weirdly, act upon it?

It drives my husband mad!!! I am sure I scare him to death!

It does tend to happen on nights when I am really shattered, when I have had a long day or maybe a rubbish nights sleep the night before. Does anyone else experience this? I have always been a chatter in my sleep, and have often had conversations while sleeping! But this is just annoying!

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx

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