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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

The little things in life.. When things get difficult!

Well I'm almost 32 weeks pregnant now and how am I honestly feeling? Tired to the bone. It gets to around 4pm and I feel as if the life has been zapped out of me!! I feel fine up until then if I eat properly and drink plenty but then it goes rapidly down hill. It's quite normal as you get further on, apparently. 

It's a moany week this week, I feel huge, my tummy is tight and I feel like I can't even fill my lungs with the air that they need. On top of that my skin is worse than it ever was as a teenager, disgusting. Delightful hormones coming out to play I guess, making us pregnant ladies feel a million dollars! (Yeah right!) But each day that goes by is one day closer.. 

And here is my ever growing tummy... 

I told you I was huge! Baby must weigh at least 3 pounds now, 3 pounds! How frightening is that!!! 

I have about 5 weeks left at work now, I'm hoping it goes quite quickly as the sooner it goes the sooner we get to meet baby. And I selfishly can own my own body again! 

I have now done 3 (I think- the weeks are going too fast) classes of Lazy Daisy birthing and am honestly really enjoying them. I said in a previous post I wasn't too sure how I'd feel about them but I really do feel relaxed during and after the class and am feeling generally more positive about my labour. For now! We talk about birth and get to listen to other peoples stories in the sessions, the thought of this would have terrified me and I'd have covered my ears a few months ago but now I find it quite empowering. Us ladies were made for this! 

I've decided that I'd very much like a water birth if all goes my way with the labour and there are no complications with delivery. I do worry that the one pool at my local hospital may be occupied and then I will miss out. I'm also thinking that staying at home for as long as possible will help me to relax in my own space, do what I want and need to do without the panic of a clinical environment. 

I've always been weird in hospitals, it's not unusual for me to have a dippy turn and faint or vomit when there!! No idea why, pshycological I am sure in some way.

 So.. Staying at home for as long as I can. This is also leading me to seriously consider having a home birth or at least plan to anyway, I know things don't always go to plan with labour but we can only hope for the ideal situation. I am going to speak with my midwife this week and the consultant to see what they're opinions are! And then take it from there.. 

I know people have mixed opinions on home births but I'm not too bothered on what they think to be honest, it's our baby and I want to be relaxed and enjoy it as much as is physically possible where ever that may be! I of course will always listen to the medical professionals! 

Lots of love, 
Hayley xxx

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