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Cake, Ladies and Bumps... Baby Shower

This week has been so busy with various work and personal commitments and so this is a little late but here is a  post on my baby shower as requested by some of you kind readers. It was a lovely afternoon with all of my favourite ladies basically eating cake, playing silly games and chattering! And as you will see opening LOTS of pressies! 

It was arranged by one of my best friends along with the help of my sisters at my local pub, it was really relaxed and just really nice to spend some time with the girls before I become a mummy for the first time. 

The girls had arranged some games including the following:
  • Baby Bingo - Basically we all had cards with various baby themed words such as Nappy, Dummy, Mummy etc and the caller shouted out the words and we had to cross them out as we went! As simple as that! 
  • How big is your bump? - A ball of string and a pair of scissors were passed around everyone and they pretty much just guessed how big my belly was at the time! Well... this was interesting. Some of the girls obviously see me being far fatter than I am! Charming! There were 2 girls who got it pretty much exact - no one under - estimated though!!!! Looking back at photos I think I am actually a little bigger than I think I am at times! 
  • Mr & Mrs Quiz - They had asked Ben some questions before the shower such as my worst habit, the name of my first car, what 3 items I would rescue in a fire etc and then the questions were asked to us all - including me! Who ever got the most answers right won. You would think I would know ALL of the answers - but nope i was useless! Or maybe it was my husband giving useless answers :)

I felt so spoilt and over whelmed with how kind everyone was to us, including the cakes that had been made and all of the presents - our little lady isn't even here yet! 

I know there can be a bit of a negative feeling around baby showers at times where they can sometimes be seen as an excuse for presents and that its a very American event. I would hate for any of my guests to have thought this though and really just wanted to see everyone. We were really spoiled with presents though, and I did find it over whelming, I am still looking through them and finding them homes, my friends and family really are the most loving and generous I have ever known. 

 And I can't not post this photo - all of the bumps that were there!! 

Its a bit of a photo heavy post but why not?! 

Lot's of love, 

Hayley xx


  1. What a lovely post :) You look so glowing and it looked like such a lovely day! You're right about the negative image of baby showers, I felt so awkward opening my presents in front of everyone, but it just shows how loved your little lady is already!!

    I love the picture of all of the bumps, 2014 is definitely the year of the babies! xxxx

    1. Thank you, I am not so sure I feel glowing though!


  2. Love this post! Looks like you had such a lovely day. It's nice you have so many close friends who are also pregnant! I bet you can't wait to start organising baby & mummy days :) xx

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