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The little things in life... Tour of my home #2 The Living Room

The last home post I completed for you was the tour of my kitchen and dining room, my favourite place in our home. Next up is the living room.. this has taken some getting right. We have lived in the house not even 18 months and this is the second design we have done! First time around was yuk! Very purple and really not us at all.

So as I said with the kitchen post the house was a complete renovation project... 


It is a really big room, and with two windows it makes the layout quite tricky to master, in fact we recently bought a new sofa just to fit the room! I have always wanted a snuggle chair (an armchair and a half basically) but never had room, well room is something I now have plenty of!

Don't you just love the carpet before though and the window boxing? Very retro! the only thing we still have is the chandelier, and that has been washed and up cycled and now has its own home in the hallway!

Although the windows can limit us slightly it makes the room so bright and have a real sense of space and air. Other than the re-wiring, central heating installation, new flooring, re-plastering etc it's pretty much just our furniture that makes the room what it is.

 I do love this room now it's almost finished and find it so comforting and relaxing to be in. I wanted a splash of colour with being garish and staying neutral somehow, I think we cracked it - just about.


Sofa & Curtains: Next Home, light: Homebase

Curtains: Next Home, Cushion handmade & The Range UK

I am a bit of a bargain hunter and so my furniture is usually second hand from auctions, Gumtree or Ebay etc. The dresser was a bargain from Gumtree, £35 and i used Annie Sloan in Paris Grey to bring it back to life. I will show you some of my trinkety (Is that even a word?) bits on it after, these change quite often as I find new finds I like. The book shelf unit is the same, an Ebay find and again in Paris Grey.

Bobby decided to photo bomb this one! Coffee table stripped and then painted in Farrow & Ball
So some of the bits that make it feel like home...

Candle: Homemade (not by me!) Cushions: Dunelm & Next
Throw: Primark

I must admit I have an obsession with cushions, I would have millions more if I was allowed and there was room! Candles also are one of my favourite things to look for. The teacups are handmade by a local business and smell amazing as well as obviously looking beautiful and fitting in nicely into my home.

Lamp: Dunelm

Well that is it! I know it is a photo heavy post but there are no other ways to talk about it, a picture speaks a thousand words and all that! 

Lots of love, 
Hayley xxx


  1. Wow!! I love what you've done with it. Looks gorgeous! :)


  2. Gorgeous! You've such lovely taste :) I love the colour scheme xx

  3. This is such a gorgeous room, you've done really well and you have awesome taste in decor. We really want to decorate our living room next but struggling to now how to do it as it's a bit awkward shape-wise. Love looking at other people's living rooms for inspiration. xx