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The Most scrumptious Nutella Filled NYC Style Cookies

 If you are anything like me then you have been hunting for super easy Cookie Recipes to smash during lockdown, maybe with the kids, maybe just for yourself! 

This recipe is an old favourite of ours and one that I do at least monthly, it is pretty much fail proof and always goes down well! I love a thin cookie but I absolutely love a filled cookie recipe and even better than that, a New York Style Cookie! I meannnnnn.... How could you not?

People often think these may be be a little complicated to bake, but actually they're super easy! 

You have to be a little more prepared for when you are going to do them as you have to freeze the chocolate sauce into mini portions to pop inside the cookies, but that's it! 


* Nutella frozen into little portions (My recipe usually makes around 10 but I like them BIG)

115 g  Butter - you will need it soft

175 g Light Brown Sugar or Coconut sugar (slightly healthier!!!) 

1 tsp Vanilla Essence (The better quality the nicer they will be!)

1 Medium Egg

275 g Self Raising Flour

Small pinch of Salt

200 g Chunks of Chocolate (I use a mix of Milk and Dark but any is good!) 


Pop dollops of your chocolate spread or Nutella onto a lined tray, and freeze till solid. The smaller they ae, the quicker they will freeze! 

Preheat your oven to 190C/170C Fan, you are going to want to cook them on a middle shelf. 

Beat together the Butter and Sugar until as fluffy as possible, and then pop in your essence and Egg and beat again till smooth. Please note Coconut sugar doesn't go as fluffy as other varieties so don't panic! 

Add all of the other dry ingredients in to the wet mix. Make sure it is well combined. 

Next choose how big you want you cookies to be, you want them pretty standardized so they cook well. If I am doing for the kids an ice scream scoop is the perfect size to portion out. If I am doing for all of us or friends then GO BIG! 

Roll your dough gently into a ball and flatten the dough slightly so it goes a bit flatter, and add a frozen  Nutella piece to the middle and then ensure the dough goes all around it. Careful not to over work your dough though. 

Line your baking trays with baking paper or grease if you don't have any. Your cookies will spread a bit whilst baking, so spread them out well on the tray. 

Bake in the oven for around 10 minutes. The more you bake them, the less oozy they will be. I like mine super goey but my husband likes them more crunchy - so what you fancy! 

Hayley xx

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