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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Daisy's weaning journal #4

Weaning continues to go fairly smoothly in this house, smoothly in the sense she's loving new flavours but also that smooth is the only way that that works!! No lumps are passing Daisy's chops just yet!! She gags and gags! 

To get her used to a bit of texture this week I've introduced more of a baby led style on top of her purées. I've given her ice cold apple slices which are not only tasty, fresh and nice and cold on her gums but also the odd bit comes off which she has to tackle with her tongue! 

Other solids include cold carrot (a huge piece so she can't put it all in her mouth and choke!!), pieces of rusk, cold cucumber, peppers and banana. I've also let her suck on dry toast, all to try and get her used to unusual textures in her mouth! 

I have been so surprised how adaptable she is. At first she will pull a face, especially to the bits like cucumber and pepper which are completely different to anything else she's tried but then she wants to try it again and again! 

Some new purées this week include:

Strawberry and banana- loved it! Shouted at me when she had finished her first portion so I had to make some more up! 

Strawberry and pear- again loved it! 


Apple and pear

This was the face I got with straight up pear purée. I think the odd grainy texture came as a surprise!! After pulling this face though she are the lot, half a pear in one sitting.

We have also tried toast to suck on, weetabix wth her milk (this was a no go- she hated the texture even when all mushed up) and her new favourite, fromage frais! 

If you follow us on twitter then you may have seen we are now part of the Organix wean team and so not only will we be continuing our journal for a while on Daisy's developments with weaning but we will also be undertaking some challenges too! 

This week was to try something new and see what funny faces baby pulls! This is an easy one for us... She pulls a squinty, shocked face every time I feed her anything at first!! As you can see on all of the photos above!! But this doesn't really give away if she likes something or not, more often than not she will eat the lot!! 

Lots of love,
Hayley and Daisy xxx


  1. Weaning?! No way! haha I remember the post announcing Daisy's arrival!
    Baby food faces are the best - so funny when trying new foods. Glad to here she's loving most of it though.
    Hopefully she'll grow to like weetabix, it's my fav! haha


  2. My little one was the same with textures. She's just turned 7 months and she's only just started taking more lumpy foods x

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