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Daisy's weaning journal #3

Last week we talked about Organix and their Little book of weaning which had just been launched, see post here

This week we have tried a few of their products; baby rice and porridge with banana and strawberry. I've mentioned before that I'm not too sure on the baby rices as I don't think they bring much to the table other than pretty much thicker milk. However, I decided to try and incorporate it in other ways. 

This week we have continued to have banana every few days mashed with milk, and to make it nice and creamy I've added in a bit of the baby rice and actually she loved it and I expect it filled her little tummy too. I also puréed some peach this week and again put a sprinkle in to that meal to thicken it up, peach is her new favourite!

We have tried the Aptamil baby porridge with banana previously and she wasn't taken on it, we've used Aptamil milk before and that's our go to if necessary (more for cooking now i.e in mashed potato) and it's the only formula she will even contemplating on taking. So I think for their porridge it's just a taste she didn't like too much. So when we were given the porridge from Organix I had my doubts. But it seems she must love the strawberry addition to this brand  and really enjoys it. 

Some other tasty meals we have tried this week:

Banana and peach purée - success!

Pea and potato- hated first time, liked second time, we shall see how this one goes!!!! Like little book says it could take many more attempts to decide if she actually likes it or not!

Mashed potato- no go!! I thought this would be a natural favourite, mixed with her milk but nope. I'm not convinced she even had a spoonful! 

Parsnip and carrot- loved it! 

Sweet potato- we have tried squash before and she loved that so I kind of knew she would love this too!

I'm now running low on my supplies in the freezer so need another cook up session! Some things I have in to use are avocado, pear, apple as well as the usual potato etc (I'm going to continue to try her on it mixed with things as it's something we will be eating a lot of as a family!!) 

Lots of love Hayley and Daisy xxx

Some products courtesy of Organix but all opinions are my own

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