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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Daisy's 8 month update

I am a little late with this one, what with Christmas and new year just after it put my blog on hold a little but hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things again now.

So Daisy is now 8 months old and it's suddenly feeling like I have a mini person now rather than a squishy baby!! She's definitely got her own mind and personality and knows exactly what she wants, most of the time (except when she is over tired and fights herself!).

She's very strong and can now get from one place to another easily, usually by rolling or crawling backwards. She goes so quickly that there is no stopping her and you have to constantly watch her when she is "free" and not in her jumparoo thing or her chair! She isn't even safe in her cot at the moment, she's been found stood shaking the bars a few times and peering over the outside. Time to drop it down a notch I think!! Although I wonder then how I will get her in there if she's half asleep, being a bit of a shorty my arms aren't very long and our cotbed side doesn't drop down. 

Back to crawling I did wonder if she would ever go forwards but this past few days she does go on hands and knees and rock back and forth as if she is testing how to go, watch this space! It has been said by a few people they think she may just walk and skip crawling! She is always on her feet and making us walk her around and it seems fairly easy to her and she's pretty sturdy, she just needs to tackle her balance! But again this last few days she has been stood clinging on to things so I don't think it'll be long before she is scooting around the furniture either!! 

We still have no teeth, I swear she is never going to get any! She has showed all the signs of teething for months now but nope nothing has poked through. Her gums feel rough but I can't see anything really. 

I will do a weaning update in the next week or so but it's going quite well really. She isn't too fussy and will eat most things. I'm still finding it hard to introduce much meat into her diet but we are getting there! With breastfeeding she is now only being fed by me during the night. 90% of the time she is bottle fed and we are using Aptamil still. It makes me a little sad, I think because she doesn't need me so much now and it feels like she has grown so big and not tiny anymore! But it's great she has adapted and actually I can wear what ever I like now and have ditched most if the feeding wear! Hooray! 

Sleeping is a little all over the shop. Some nights she will go right through, others I am up every two hours with her. Having looked into it, it could be an 8 month sleep regression (is that even a true thing??) or her leap which has just started (see wonder weeks). Or she has teeth coming, or she is a rascal! You choose!!!! 

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx 


  1. She's such a cutie. It's amazing how different they all are at the same age - we've had to drop the cot down too (i hear you on the short arms issue) but nowhere near on the move. No teeth either! x

    1. It can make you worry a little when you when you compare to other babies the same age though can't it, even though we know they're all so different! Xx