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Elasticizer... EMPTY

I don't often do empties posts, mainly because I just wang anything I finish right into the bin. And actually if I am completely honest I don't often finish many products, I get bored before I finish and simply throw in a drawer never to be seen again or give it away.

But this I have finished. I have no idea how! One minute it is full and I am trying to use as little as possible each time, because I love it so much then the next minute it is flipping empty!!! What the heck?! I only use it once a week, possibly two if my hair is feeling it needs it. It basically brings back the elasticity into your locks, making it feel healthier, more manageable and look sleek!

Anyway, I love this product, Philip Kinglsey Elasticizer. I did a full review on it last year and thought it really did deserve another mention on my blog. I have never found a hair product like it! I highly recommend it!

Lots of love,

Hayley xxx

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