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Crabtree & Evelyn preview (Review)


I know, I know! I said preview, which in PR terms means Christmas. How very dare I? Especially when it seems we aren't even going to get a few weeks of summer. But I am afraid you will have to think about it at some point...

So I was recently invited along to the Crabtree & Evelyns Christmas press launch. Sadly I couldn't make it, why is it most of the press days are in London?! (Stupid question I know!) I can make my way down there easily enough and am actually down there most weeks for work but sadly not on this day.

Anyway they kindly sent me a lovely little package and I have chosen some of those products to show you. And to make the most of the rare, tiny bit of sunshine I decided to shoot them outside in the garden.

I should start by saying I am not new to this brand and quite often purchase them as gifts. They are a nice, premium brand that is always well received. I should add though that I have never bought anything for a male from there and actually never noticed they even do mens products, until now! 

First up is this hand therapy cream. This was much appreciated, my hands are so dry and horrible at the moment. Although they have been like that since I have been a mum, all that extra water exposure I guess! I knew I would love this, mainly because I have used their hand creams before. The scent is gorgeous and as usual it is easily absorbed into the skin. I do find those tiny screw tops quite tricky to use, especially to put the lid back on when your hands are a bit slippery. And I have already lost it twice and panicked that Daisy would spot it before me! But I love this and I definitely will be considering as gifts for the baskets I put together for the ladies in my life (mums, nans, sister etc) for Christmas. It is so nice! 

Next up is this beauty. Pomegranate, Argan & Grapeseed bath and shower gel. This smells like I could eat it! This is actually 30% off at the moment online!

I mentioned mens products before and this is the product that I was talking about! This is Verbena and Lavender cologne. At first when I opened up the package I wasn't sure if it was feminine or masculine, but upon smelling it I can confirm its definitely for a man! It is so nice though! I wouldn't mind my husband smelling like this! I am not sure if I would pick it up in store purely because Lavender portrays more of a feminine smell to me, but if I was encouraged to try it I would have changed my mind! This will also be going on the list for gifts! 

Lots of love, 

Hayley xxx

I was sent these samples in return for my honest opinions

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