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How to build a den for less than £50

Not so long ago we were set a task of building a den or reading corner (or something on those lines) for Daisy to enjoy. The idea being that you can build something like this from things you may have around the house already or that you can easily get hold of at a store, like Dunelm.

We were kindly sent a voucher to go shopping for anything we may need to create a cosy little snug. Before I went I had in mind that I would use some garden canes and a pair of curtains that could easily be rouched around the top with some twine and that would build us like a little teepee.

I had forgotten how expensive curtains actually are! It seemed an expensive idea for a bit of a den so we abandoned that idea sharpish!!

I wondered the store for a while looking for other options and trying to think about what I also had at home that I could utilise. I took my mum along with me as she is pretty good at things like this too. We finally decided on a bed sheet as they were inexpensive but big and that would cover a vast area!

We were lucky in that we found some nice vintage, white washed poles in store in the summer sale section. Otherwise I was going to use some canes that I already had in the garden shed! well, actually we were pretty lucky full stop with the sale! The double bed sheet was from the sale area, as well as the canes, fairy lights 92 sets), bunting and the teddy pink throw (which is amazingly soft by the way!).

Anyway this is what it looked like and how we built it:

So what did we need:

  • Canes / poles (at least 3 if you wish to have teepee shape)
  • Double bed sheet/ cover
  • Tie top sheer panel (ours has pretty birds on but they did all kinds and so cheap!)
  • Pegs - standard pegs would do the job!We had lovely little bird shaped ones for the novelty factor but plain would be fine
  • Battery operated fairy lights to pretty up (just make sure they are not a strangulation risk for your child!!)
  • Bunting
  • Cosy things like cushions, throws and soft toys! 
And that is it! 

Have you done anything similar?

Lots of love, 

Hayley & Daisy xx

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  1. I watched the video the other day and I love what you do. I was going to ask how much it cost you for everything. I was expecting it to be a lot more than £50. You did a brilliant job and I feel inspired to make something similar for Jasmine. :) Daisy looks like she's absolutely loving her teepee.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx