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Days out: The Quarry Park & Dingle

The weather has been so strange this summer so far, when we have had the odd sunny day we have had to make the most of it as much as we can!

Wednesday is swimming day and the pool is located in the middle of the towns park, The Quarry.

We quite often have a little walk down to the play park or have a run on the field with our sandwich before heading home but hadn't been able to in a while what with the rubbish weather and well me having a baby! (Good enough excuse?) 


Well this week the weather looked pretty disappointing and so we thought it would be a coffee to warm up in the cafe at the pool rather than a picnic outside in the park. 

After swimming we went for that anticipated coffee and all of a sudden the grey, miserable rain filled clouds disappeared and so we thought we would take a walk down to the dingle at the bottom of the park. The last time we went was spring and the flowers were just starting to shoot, but look at them now! 



And look in the ponds there were ducklings!!! They are so tame, obviously used to visitors stopping to have a chat with them. We did have to stop a cheeky toddler from going in for a cuddle though! 

It's free to go in the Quarry and free to wander around the Dingle too,  so a cheap day out if you take a little picnic with you! We had held a little tea party for Daisy's nanny the night before so went armed with left over sandwiches and sausage rolls as a mini picnic! It's the little things that toddlers find fun and they love to explore. 


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