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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Playing Princesses

Daisy's imagination really has come out of nowhere. For a while now she has liked to look after her "babies" by rocking them to sleep, feeding them and giving them lots of cuddles.

More recently though she has taken a real interest in role play and will spend hours sat by her dolls house making conversations between the characters, tidying the house, putting them to bed, bathing them and even walking the dog! It really amuses me to listen to her chatter on, it all goes to show what she actually picks up on a day to day basis from our lives! You can hear her saying little phrases that we use and role playing tasks that we just complete without thinking. 

We recently received a pack full of lovely Sofia the first goodies and Daisy has been in her element since. Yesterday I caught her "gardening" with them, digging in the soil and smelling the flowers! They were a tad mucky after but being plastic they rinsed off without any problem. 

The little figures are a perfect size for little hands to carry about and play with and the way their heads move back and forth amuses Daisy! As if they are nodding! Of course she also loves how they're dressed beautifully like the tv programme and each have their little pets with them.

Sofia and her buddies have already been to the park, had a bath, rode the dog and gone to bed with her. I am sure they have plenty more adventures to come! 

We also received the camera which she also loves. She is forever pinching our GoPro to pretend to "cheeeeeese" so she is pretty proud to have her own now that makes fancy noises. 

All of the toys we recieved are available to buy from Smyths Toys.

Hayley xx

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