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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

The Nightmare That is Potty Training

One day last month I found myself in the depths of potty training as lead by Daisy. I always said I would try and follow her lead and although I had taken a few hints from her and tried a few times previously it had never lead to much, other than tears. But this time was a little different. She wouldn't put on a nappy (it was even more of a wrestle than her usual toddler paddies) and if we did succeed in wrestling it on to her then it would be off again in no time as she just flung it off, pull up style or not.

 Baby annabel

So it looked like we were heading into the depths of puddles of wee without much notice.

It looked very much like this in the first week "Daisy do you want to put this nappy on?" in which she would glare at you as if you had just asked her to chop of her leg and then grunt back "No, Yuck (yes, she talks like Peppa Pig) Daisy has knickers".

But the the following happened.

Day 1: 4 Accidents! 2 successes! Nasty Surprise on the floor! I mean how much wee can one tiny little girl hold?

Day 2: 2 Accidents

Day 3: 2 Accidents but we have a break through as she woke up and asked for potty - to do her business! Lots of successes! HOORAY! Maybe it has clicked?

Day 4- Accidents central! I can't even begin to tell you how the house smelt! 

Day 5- We had a little rest from it all (again taken by her lead and well maybe a mistake on my side by letting her) but we did have one success when prompted before bath time.

Day 6- 3 Successes

Day 7 - I lost count. A mix of success and accident much like the rest of the week.

As you can see she was pretty happy to do the wearing the pretty knickers with princesses part but not all that adhering when it came to where she did her business. I began to wonder if it really was the right time or if I was taking the wrong signals from her.

But we persevered.

A few chocolate coins, lots of clapping and cheering and singing and cleaning up puddles later and we seem to have just about got there. About 4 weeks later. It has been a messy transition. But hopefully one that has clicked with her and she is happy with. We are still having the odd accident when she is really distracted but in general it is down to one in every 5 or so days, so much better.

One thing I did find helpful was having a doll that used the potty too. We had a Baby Born doll that wees, poos and cries (although I have to admit I hid the food from Daisy that makes it poo as I wasn't quite ready for that mess!) and comes with lots of lovely accessories. She has mainly been on and off the potty and been Daisy's little companion for those visits. 

I will update in a few weeks with any tips, advice or watch outs but for now please cross your fingers that my days of cleaning up puddles is almost over!

Hayley xx

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