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Top Tips for Long Car Journeys with Children

I talk about travelling a lot over on my blog but I rarely mention how the car journeys can go and what we do to make them a bit easier. As we tend to travel all over the place quite regularly, our children have been taken on long car journeys from being tiny. I am often told that we are brave and/or crazy for this but you just need the right frame of mind and a little preparation.

Top Tips for Long Car Journeys with Children

1. Snack, Snacks, Snacks...

For everyone. All the snacks and all the drinks!
Kids love snacks, and so do I. Not a lot more to say except it passes time, keeps them quiet and keeps me from getting hangry!

2. Go at the right time

If we are going a long way we tend to leave early. Waking them up early, giving them a light breakfast, wash and change of clothes, ready for them to fall back to sleep again in a short time and sleep through a good chunk of the journey. Late at night is also good, that tends to be how we come home from a holiday. Have a full day and then leave, when you get home you can just transfer them straight to bed.

Try to avoid rush hour, by avoiding the peak times it can make a big difference to journey times and stress levels.

3. Entertainment

I am always thinking about how we can pass the time or how we can calm a het up toddler when we need to . The ipad or phone always gets packed first with short films or programmes loaded on and some simple games. We also pack magazines, books and a few of Daisy's favourites like her small dolls, barbies and cuddly toys.
4.Sit back and enjoy the ride!

4. Sit back and enjoy the ride! 

Stay calm. If you hit traffic does it really matter? If you go the wrong way? Take it in your stride, stop when you need to, don't worry how long it takes. If you’re relaxed, the babies are more likely to be relaxed.

5. Be prepared

As in know where you are going. Have in mind your first stop for a stretch and a walk. How long will your journey take (in an ideal world)? Have spare clothes at the top of the pile in the boot. You know the rest...

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  1. I hear you about the snacks! Why do my children eat twice as much when we travel - I bring a huge food haul plus dvd players! The days of playing I-Spy for hours are thankfully over -loving modern technology! #fearlessfamtrav