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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

The Holiday Edit: The Essential One & The Holiday Vlog

I actually can't believe this little guy is one. A fully walking, starting to talk, eating machine. The cutest one ever of course...

You will see me share various pictures of our holidays over the next few weeks but I just had to share these photos as they're some of my absolute favourites. He looks such a cheeky chops!

Essential One

Essential One

I have been really truing to get to grips with our new camera, the Sony a7 II. I am loving it now I finally have the hang of it a little bit. It was quite a change from our Nikon but now I have worked what works best with the settings I am just loving it.

You may have seen our holiday Vlog went live last week, I will link it here.

Alex is wearing his Essential One T here, how gorgeous does he look :)

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