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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Dear Alex, 14 Months Old Update

My boy. You're 13 months old, almost 14 actually. And this last month I've noticed the biggest changes in you since you were teeny.

Firstly let's just put it out there, you sleep. You've slept a good 11/12 hours every night for the past two weeks or so. I'm actually writing this sat cuddling you back to sleep at 4am but this is the first time in weeks and I'm savouring the cuddles. I don't get too many anymore so I have to make them count when I do! I hope this is just a blip for you, although you're just lay twiddling my hair and breathing peacefully. Gone are the days (for now at least) where you'd throw yourself about in rage in the middle of the night.

I'm actually tempted to snuggle you back off into my bed but we've not done that in a really long time and I don't want to start something that I shouldn't. For a while you were associating our bed with having a feed and without it you would go mad, I couldn't take you back with me to bed without you getting really upset if there was no bottle on offer.

You have two good naps a day now and when you're ready we just pop you into bed with your lamb and off you go for an hour or so. It does mean you aren't going to bed until around 8pm most evenings but if it means you don't wake until 7/8am then who am I to complain?

You now run about, climb, scale anything in site, hide, play boo, wave hiya and goodbye, blow kisses and you're really starting to say more and more.

Recently you've started saying no more when you've had enough of something or when you're telling the dog, Bobby off! And then when you want some more of something you shout more more!

You still eat really well and aren't fussy at all. You're starting to know what foods you prefer and which you'd rather not have much of but overall you're a good little eater and relatively easy to please. Your absolute favourites are raspberries, you could eat a while punnet if I let you! When you see them in the shops or or the kitchen table you start shouting at the top of your voice MORE MORE! or growling in anger if none get passed in your direction!

You have settled well into nursery and seem to enjoy going. I've been such a lucky muma that both you and Daisy have taken to it so well, it makes working so much easier knowing that you'll be happy.

You absolutely love your daddy. The minute he walks in from work you follow him around with a face full of smiles. Daddy is guaranteed to make you smile if you're feeling a bit sad, which isn't very often thankfully.

You now have your bottom two teeth, one full top front one as strangely two of your incisors. I wonder if you'll ever get your second front one!! They don't seem to bother you too much and if you do look a little annoyed by them we just pop you to bed and that seems to make it go away for you.

Your hair has not stopped growing and it is so fair. With your beautiful tanned skin it looks really blonde. We actually went for a haircut yesterday in town for the first time. Aunty Sue has tidied you up before but this was the first time you've been into he barbers! You didn't seem too fussed! As usual.

Your eyes are still a dark sapphire blue and I really hope they stay like this. I keep documenting them because I can never remember when Daisy's started to turn into a dark green. It seemed to happen over night.

Please don't grow too fast, I am enjoying watching you grow and change but I really don't want it to happen too fast. You are supposed to be my baby, not my big boy.

We have an exciting month coming up, with holidays in Cyprus and lots of exciting trips! I can't wait to see you enjoying the summer.

Love you lots Baby Chunk,

Muma xxx

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