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My Holiday Essentials

We have just got back from our annual family holiday, what I like to call our "Big" holiday! So I thought I would share with you my top holiday essentials for this year.

My Holiday Essentials

Apart from the usual sunscreens etc there are a few bits that I wouldn't have been without this time.

My number one is a good silver shampoo, being quite blonde at the moment the chlorine, sun and sea air tends to have its wicked way with it. Leaving it brassy and dry. I am loving the John Freida Silver shampoos at the moment, it is called Colour Renew.

Silver shampoo
My Hair currently after using the silver shampoo

Next up is the What Skin Needs Soothing Skin Gel. It is perfect for sun drenched, dry skin as an after sun but also perfect for insect bites and any skin conditions. Before we went away I had a slight skin infection which caused eczema so this was perfect to take with me for all of those above reasons. It is made from pure natural botanical ingredients including plantain, aloe vera and lavender which it means it actually smells scrummy too. It’s natural ingredients also means it is perfect for protecting little ones after a day in the sun. Just a perfect travel essential!

Next up is a face product, which is the Garnier SkinActive Naturals- Green Tea Gel Wash which is so refreshing after a day in the sun. Because I don't like to wear much make up on holiday it leaves mys skin feeling nice, not shiny but not matt. The perfect base for a simple, light moisturiser or BB cream to be applied over. They do a few other scents but anything green tea is my favourite at the moment.

Although at home I use body oils quite often I rarely do when away, mainly because with two children they take up most of my packing space and secondly because I am using more body butters and after sun products I rarely have time to indulge in a nice oiling too. However this time I did take my this works skin deep dry leg oil with me and I am so glad I did. My legs are still so tanned and show no sign of dryness at all. It added a nice shine to them in the evening and I am unsure if it had much to do with this or not but I had no insect bites at all.

Hayley x

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