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My Top 5 Tips for Saving Money* AD

Most of you that have read my blog or watched my videos will know that we recently have done a lot of renovations to our home this past 12 months and that has meant we have needed to save where we can both before we started and while it goes on. I would love to say it is finished but nope, not yet.

Family Saving Tips

Anyway on to my top tips:

1. Check all of your utilities and go on to comparison sites to see about switching. You will have seen Martin Lewis chirp on about it on the tele but honestly we switch our suppliers regularly and really do save that way. Switching isn't all that big of a faff, the suppliers will do it all for you once you have decided who you are going with. Remember it's the same electricity, same gas etc it is only the service and price that changes.

2.  BUDGET. This is a big one for us. We like to know what we spend on things so we can asses it and see if it really is necessary or if we are over spending. We do this by paying for everything on a credit card that we have simply for our day to day outgoings such as groceries and then use software that analyses those bills and categories for us. So for example we would know what % of our income is spent in supermarkets. You can then set yourselves targets so for example £100 a week on groceries.

3. SELL WHAT YOU NO LONGER NEED! I am as bad as any other person for hoarding. I struggle to say bye to any of the children's old clothes, toys, books, I feel that it is all too sentimental. But we have to be realistic. What am I really going to do with those things? They will sit in the attic, unloved, unused and deteriorate, when someone else could be making the most of them and I could potentially be getting something for them to put towards new clothes etc. Ebay is a great tool for this but also hit your local Facebook selling sites, I find these better than anywhere for selling bundles of clothes, toys etc.

4. BE THRIFTY! So you need a sofa? Or a swing for the garden? Does it have to be new? A little like point number 3 head to ebay and your local selling groups, or pay a visit to the charity shop. You will surprised what you can pick up for your money.

5. Be REALLY careful when looking to borrow money. If you are after a short term loan then really do look around and make sure you know what you can afford and how much you can get and expect to have to pay back, you really need to do your research before even considering it. Using something like a Consumer credit index will really allow you to start to see what you should be expecting for your level of income etc.

*PR Collaboration, all opinions are my own


  1. I know some people have no choice, but I hate borrowing money, it makes me so uncomfortable.
    I must get round to having a good old clear out and selling the things I don't need. Good reminder :)

  2. Some brilliant tips here. I definitely agree with being thrifty. We have a few second hand items and they’re better than new x

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