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Tried & Tested: Waterwipes

Whilst pregnant with Daisy the brand Waterwipes passed me by but since having her I've seen quite a bit about them and even had a pack in an old subscription box that I dabbled with back when she was around 6 months old. 

 This time around I knew that they were the only thing I wanted touching my bambinos bum in those first few weeks after being born. 


Being made with just water and an incy bit of fruit extract you can't find much that would beat them in being so pure and gentle on those cute little bottoms. As an FYI they are suitable from birth, all that is found in them is 99.9% purified water and Citrus Grandis seed extract, aka grapefruit seed extract.

So I had a couple of packs and popped a mini pack in my hospital bag and a few more in the changing basket ready to tackle those first nappys! With Daisy I used cotton wool and water before moving straight on to ordinary Johnsons wipes just a few days later, no one wants to wait for cooled boiling water when you don't even have time to boil a kettle some days with a newborn!! 

I used them with Alex until just last week, so a little over 3 weeks. I found them to clean him up nicely and leave him with a fresh bottom, much as any other wipe would but this time I knew nothing nasty had been put on him. 

Sadly I haven't restocked yet and that purely comes down to price at the moment. On a measily maternity wage you really do have to watch your pennies and I just can't seem to part with the money for wipes. Especially as with a toddler who is still using about a trillion a day it just didn't make financial sense this week. 

But I'm keeping my eye on them to come on to promotion and then I'll stock up again, probably saving them for those times when Alex needs that little more TLC, after an explosion when you want to be as gentle as you can! 

My only other observation after using them is that they are much wetter than other brands I have used which is a bit of a double edged sword really, it's easy to wipe mess away or lift the mess but it can also make the job a bit more messy by adding additional wetness to the area making a bit more tricky to handle! 

All in all they got an 8/10 from us and lived up to expectations! Not the most exciting review but seriously, I can't get too excited about a baby wipe can I? 

Hayley xxx

*PR sample but all opinions are my own

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