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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

A Day In The Life: First day out riding solo

I was brave. I actually ventured out of the house with both the baby and toddler last week. Alone. And to soft play of all bloody places! Brave huh..

Going out with one or the other child isn't anything to be thought twice about but for some reason I was a little nervous about going with both! Not sure why to be honest! 

I tried to capture some snippets of our day to look back on. I've not captured much of Alex's first few weeks on camera, and well that's down to enjoying him and revelling in the snuggles that come with a newborn and when he is allows me to I do the same with his sister . So I'll have to rely on my brain to keep these memories for me! 

It was such a lovely day with my babies, fingers crossed for some good days this week!! Xxx

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