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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

A letter to my little girl, a big sister

The last time I wrote to you it was your birthday when you were turning two years old. I can just picture you now singing the happy birthday song in your own quirky little way, you sure do love a birthday! 

Since then you've had some big changes that will stay with you forever, you are now a sister, you have a brother and a sibling you can hopefully love, play and grow up with. And it really wasn't long ago, just a few months. Alex has been part of your life for just 3 little weeks but will be sticking around for some time, I'm not quite sure you realise he is a permanent fixture just yet. 

You have adapted well, better than I ever imagined you would. You are after all only two years old and have had mummy and daddy to yourselves for two whole years and as clever as you are I'm not convinced you understand it all. Not perhaps as much as we may expect you to anyway, it's tricky because you communicate so well now and I think we can get caught up in that and expect you to just get everything. Where as in reality you can get a little muddled and confused at times, leading to frustration which could be mistaken for attitude! 

I'm not saying you don't have an attitude because that is something you aren't short of! But I'm learning that when you have a little moment sometimes that it may not always be what it seems, you aren't naughty! Testing maybe, learning the boundaries and pushing them. Our little tiny temper! I've tried to ignore the paints being thrown up my patio doors, Elsa chucked in my lunch and even the little foot that has made its way into my shin for no apparent reason! This isn't a regular thing thankfully but these actions tend to come from nowhere and then pass us by pretty rapidly. It's all about distraction!

Muma doesn't have all the patience in the world sometimes but I'm trying I promise! I'm trying to put myself into your pretty little blonde head and think about why you do certain things and how we can turn that frown upside down when it pops up to say hello.  

I've made it sound like you're awful, you're really not, in fact you're the opposite! Such a good little girl who really does make me laugh every single day and makes my heart melt when you smother Alex with all your kisses and cuddles, even if it does make me a little nervous! You really do love him and you love nothing more than trying to hold him and show him off, he is Daisy's baby Alex. 

You've turned into quite the helper, always sssshhhhing Alex and rocking his basket, picking his dummy up and stroking him if he is upset. You are a lovely big sister.  

He really loves you in return too. When muma had her big tummy baby would stir when you came bounding into the room and this hasn't changed. His little blue eyes follow you around and become quite focused on you, you're definetly his favourite! 

I've yabbered on a bit and all I really wanted to say was thank you. Thank you for adapting and taking it all in your stride, I know it's not easy sharing but I promise one day he's going to be your bestest friend and you'll have so much fun together. Just know that even when muma is a little busy or has an annoyed look on her face that I love you more than the world and always will. I promise xxx

Muma xxx

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