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Breastfeeding second time around

I somehow managed to breastfeed Daisy until she was almost 9 months old even though I never set out to carry on for so long. I initially said that I would try 6 weeks and then more than likely move on to formula, more for routine building than anything and if I'm honest (don't judge!) the thought of breastfeeding made me cringe and I was only going to give it a good go for those first few weeks purely because it was drummed in by the midwives and leaflets etc that it was so beneficial to baby in those early days.

Basically I set out to grin and bear it for as short a time as possible. It's not that I was against breastfeeding, I actually am a real advocate of it, it was just that I am a bit of a prude when it comes to my boobs and I just couldn't see how I would possibly feel comfortable feeling from them! Yes, I know it's why we have them but still.


Little did I know after a few weeks of VERY sore boobs that it would come easily to us, baby was satisfied, it was accessible at all times and hassle free! I didn't sterilise anything until around 12 weeks on, no night time bottle making etc and if truth be told I miraculously loved feeding my girl. 

Now I'm not sure how long I'll breastfeed Alex for, he seems a very different baby to Daisy and seems hungrier and more demanding! I also am aware of the struggles I had to get Daisy to take a bottle when I returned to work after 6 months (my own fault for being lazy with expressing!) and if I'm honest then the thought of having to express when back at work this time just doesn't do it for me! It was a pain last time and it left me feeling like a fresian cow! 

This first two weeks has been fairly smooth. My nipples are a little sore when Alex first latches on but it lasts all of about 3 seconds. I thought it may be his latch but that seems good and the midwife agreed so I think it's just the toughening up process going on. I'm not using cream as well as I should but saying that my nipples don't look sore or cracked or anything this time around, it's been much easier in the early days. 

Alex doesn't seem to have himself in any kind of feeding pattern just yet sometimes he can go 4-5 hours and others he seems to cluster feed a little more and go just an hour in between demanding another feed. I'm happy to feed on demand at the moment, although I do worry about when I have Daisy home alone in the next few weeks and a baby to feed. Watch this space! I think perhaps I should get the old Medela out and start expressing a bottle for those times when I need it, we can always freeze it if needs be anyway so it wouldn't be wasted. I have to admit though I'm a bit lazy and the thought of expressing doesn't please me all that much!! I didn't find it too time consuming with the swing with Daisy but it's the sterilising etc that comes alongside it that got on my nerves! 

Any tips for feeding when you have another little one to run around after? 

Hayley xxx

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