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3 Weeks Postpartum & Newborn update

Well 3 weeks have just whizzed by, just like I thought they might.

I am now feeling as if I never gave birth and am feeling back to my old self, except for the weird boob and squishy tummy situation! And hey I may just be stuck with those things, here's hoping I am not! 

I have filmed an update and popped it down below for you and I talk about squishy tummys and how I aim to get back some level of firmness but how there is no hurry at all, I'm in no rush or panic... For now! 

Breastfeeding has been a little more tricky this last week, Alex has picked his game up but become chompy too which is causing some discomfort so I talk about how I'm trying to overcome this. 

Hope you enjoy it! 

Hayley xxx

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