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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Alex's arrival into the world

I promised myself I would document my birth story of my little boy just like I did with Daisy, so I could read back one day and soak in the memories! Your mind has a funny way of letting you forget some of the details, probably so you'll be brave enough to do it again! 

This delivery couldn't have been any more different than Daisy's, this could be a long post so I apologise in advance! 
Daisy's birth story can be found here.

It's Sunday the 29th and I'm 38+4 days pregnant and super fed up, hormones are super charged, I'm round and achy, feel nauseas and just generally had enough of being pregnant so demanded we did something for the day that would either get this baby moving or at least distract me from my mood! We went off for the day to a local animal park place with our friends and then out for a lovely lunch in the sun, it was such a lovely day but as I was going off to bed that night I felt no different, no pains, nothing! 

I went to bed an hour before Ben and settled in for a night of restless sleep again! Ben came up to bed a while later and as he walked in the room it startled me and POP!! My waters went  gush just like they did with Daisy, this time without any warning! After cleaning myself up I said to Ben get some sleep, it'll take days again, so we both got back into bed and tried to sleep. I was there all of ten minutes before the contractions started, and my god they were fierce! I remember feeling like this on day 2 with Daisy not minute 2! I started to time them and they were coming 6 minutes apart, I thought this could go on for hours but I just couldn't stay lay in bed so I got up and went downstairs with the idea I may get on my ball and have a cup of tea to relax me a little! 


Well I got downstairs and gush my waters went bang again, they went with such force again that I actually heard a pop! I started to feel a bit panicky when every time I tried to move or walk another massive contraction took over my body leaving me paralysed and to the point of being breathless and shivering. I managed to make my way back up stairs (literally 10 minutes after I'd come down!) and say to Ben that we needed to go, that I couldn't cope and I was panicking! The look on his face was a bit of shock and confusion! He called his mum to come and have Daisy for us and I somehow shouted to my mum on the phone that I needed her NOW! 

They were both there in less than 15 minutes and by this point I had stumbled back down to the living room floor where I slumped over the sofa on my knees trying to breath and rock through the waves that were coming every 2 minutes! Damn those stairs they must have really let the baby force himself down! My mum took one look at me in surprise and agreed we needed to leave now!! By this point I couldn't talk or walk and was panicking I wouldn't be able to handle the car journey. 


After shouting and moaning my way to the hospital we made it to MLU where I gripped on to the nearest midwife who took me to a delivery room. I remember her trying to examine me whilst I was crying that I was only going to be 1cm and be there days and that I couldn't do it! My waters just kept going gush in a dramatic fashion and I was panicking about that, shouting MY WATERS!! but every time they went again it felt different, the pressure was crazy! Anyway after lots of shouting and wriggling around she told me I was 5-6cm which did please me but then I did wonder how the hell would I get to 10cm if I was feeling like this now? 

Contractions were still coming 1 minute apart and as I was just catching my breath another would start, it was so intense and I had no control over my body what so ever. I had gas and air whilst they run the birthing pool which would take half an hour to fill, at this time I was on my hands and knees over the back of the bed, gripping on for dear life and screaming my way through the pains like a possessed loon! I knew I was screaming but I just couldn't stop myself, it was the weirdest feeling! It was almost as if I was watching myself from a distance! 


Literally minutes later I started shouting how my body was pushing and I couldn't stop it! The midwife told me not to push if I could help it, I now know this was because she needed another midwife with her for delivery and she had to go call someone (or I think that's what she said to me after anyway!!)! Luckily she had a lovely HCA there who helped me scream my way through it! My body was doing things that I had no idea about, it was an out of body experience! I just kept shouting I need the toilet, why won't my body stop!! Finally the midwife told me to stop fighting it and let my body do what it wants, next thing my mum tells me the babies head is out! I was like whatttttttt! The baby?!? I had no idea that he was coming! Next thing they were demanding me to push and open my legs more and one push and I had the weirdest sensation of relief! Alex was here... Lay between my legs on the bed! 

I was in absolute shock, what had just happened! I'd not been at the hospital even an hour yet, I was only 5cm and so how could i possibly have a baby lay down there?! 

When I finally managed to turn around and look at my baby I was in awe, he was gorgeous, and my goodness he looked big! He was actually only 7lb 14 but that's a whopping 2lbs on Daisy! Alex was okay after a good rub, I think he was as shocked as I was! I couldn't stop shaking and kept asking if I was dreaming. It had been the most intense time of my life! My boy wanted out and wasn't waiting for anyone! 

From over a 40 hour labour with my girl to under 2 with Alex, the human body is an amazing but crazy thing! I never did make it into the pool which was my hope but hey at least he has his own little story for his arrival!



  1. Wow amazing encounter and experience fornyou glad it was nice a quick and you have your little boy you are amazing �� X

  2. Wow unbelievably quick, they say the second can be quicker but... Wow! Must have all been a bit of a shock! Hope you're recovering again and huge congrats xxx