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Alex, How Is It Possible That You Are 2 Years Old Already?

Dear Alex,

It is sad that I haven't written to you in probably 9 months. It is crazy how time just whizzes by. And I hate to say it but especially second time around. I mean Daisy is 4 now and that really has flown by but how on earth are you almost 2? I just can't get my head around it. Are you still a baby?

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Nope. You most certainly aren't. Of course you are my baby but you are most definitely a fully fledged walking, talking, full of attitude toddler. You are just little person now a days. You know your on mind and you can communicate well enough to tell us what it is that is on it.

We are told weekly how amazing your speech and vocabulary is, and don't we know it. You never stop. Ever! You can explain things, sing songs and have a full on conversation with us now. And well, you have been able to for some time now.

You are still a bit of a destroyer. You like to break things, throw things about and are a tad rough at times with your toys, and Daisy's. Much to your sister's annoyance. She quite likes her dolls with the heads attached, unlike you. You are forever emptying things out of places and basically having you nose where it doesn't need to be! But would we have you any other way? Maybe, just a little.

Your character is hilarious though. You are the funniest, cutest little boy I have ever met. Maybe  I think that because you're mine, I could be biased. But with your round little face, chubby cheeks and massive blue eyes that you still haven't lost, you could get away with anything.

2 year old milestones

I am pleased to tell you that your sleep is improving. You go off to sleep on your own accord now and are spending all night in your own bed. Hallelujah! You are still waking most nights, perhaps 5 out of 7 wanting to see me for a few minutes but then off you go back to sleep. Thank goodness, I really was wondering how I was going to get that situation any better, I felt like I was fighting a losing battle and was coming around to the idea that perhaps you just were not a sleeper!

You are still a good little eater most of the time but you like everyone to know that you are in control of your food destiny. You won't be made to eat anything and don't even bother trying if you are tired, it is a no go. I am slightly worried you are becoming a tad more fussy, I just prey you won't end up like Daisy who has a diet that really is limited to a handful or 2 of things, and it just can't be good can it? I say I am worried yet in Lanzarote a few weeks ago you were munching away on tapas, cured meats and cheeses and living your best life! 

Please don't grow too fast, I am not ready for that yet. You make me broody, how is that possible? I think it is because I can see my baby slowly fading away, and in is place, a strong willed rascal that likes to run circles around me!

Always be my little man,

Mummy xx

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