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Putting Together Your Perfect Winter Wardrobe |AD

It is still getting colder and colder, it tends to get a bit milder and then drop again. If you have not already done so, now, is a good time to finish off putting together your winter wardrobe, or in my case start!!!

As you can see, there is plenty of Christmas outfit choice out there. So, I thought I would come up with a few suggestions to help you to narrow down the options a little bit.

A practical and great looking coat

Top of the list has to be a good quality coat. This year, many of the classics are back in style. Trench coats in particular. These are great for keeping you dry when it rains, but they can be a bit too thin for wearing on really cold days. Fortunately, traditional wool fabrics are also back on trend. Old-school patterns and cuts look stylish and will definitely keep you lovely and warm.

Stylish boots

I highly recommend that you treat yourself to a new pair of boots, said no ones husband ever! Biker and cowboy boots are far more popular than they have been for a while which is great because a chunky boot has to be my most favourite type. They look fantastic with casual clothes, especially jeans.

A special dress

Dressing up a bit over Christmas will always make your celebrations feel even more special, it is one of the times of year where I do like to get a bit more dressed up.
For me, you cannot go wrong with a little black dress, especially the beautiful detailed ones that are around. But, you do not have to restrict yourself to wearing black. As you can see here, there are some truly stunning coloured dresses in the shops, this year. For a party, or other type of special occasion a shimmery emerald or ruby dress would be a stunning choice.

Warm trousers and jeans

Winter is always a good time to treat yourself to a new pair of jeans.
 Yes to mum jeans!!!!

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