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Hotel Low Down: Millennium Hilton New York One UN Plaza

I have been missing thinking about our trip to New York and thought a good way to bring that back was to do a hotel review. We stayed at the Millennium Hilton New York One UN Plaza.

Sun Rise from the Millennium Hilton UN Plaza

Finding a hotel was without a doubt the hardest part of booking our trip, the choices are endless. All come with good and bad reviews, pros and cons in terms of location and facilities. Our biggest draw to this hotel was the location. It is set across from the United Nations Headquarters adjacent to the River, based in the Midtown East it was perfect to get about.

Times square was around a 10 minutes walk away, Chrysler building and Grand Central Station just a few minutes and just a few minutes walk from the water taxi harbor to get over to Brooklyn. We really made the most of the location and were really pleased we went with this hotel and location.

We had breakfast a few times in Grand Central Station and it was definitely a highlight, it felt a little like we were in the movies!

The room sizes were another point that got our attention, they were double the size of some rooms you get in NYC, and although it didn't feel huge when we were there it was definitely adequate and we had enough space. There was only 2 of us travelling and we traveled fairly lightly.

The views from our room were incredible. To the right we could see the city skyline with towering skyscrapers and to the left the river with the bridges going over, it was gorgeous. Especially at sunrise, which we seemed to see a few of, thanks to Jet Lag!

The hotel and room was impeccably clean and the beds comfortable, just what you needed after very exhausting days!

We only had one negative experience/ thought about this hotel and sadly it was right at the end of our trip as we were leaving the hotel. We had checked out, paid our tips and said goodbye to the amazing security team at the hotel with their gorgeous labrador dogs and then the doorman (I am sorry if that isn't the correct terminology) threw the door open and basically snatched our bags from us to put in the taxi. We told him we were okay as we only had small hand luggage cases but he decided to ignore us and do it anyway, making us feel slightly awkward. He then started demanding tips for himself and his colleague who apparently don't get paid to do their jobs and tips make sure they can have a home and eat! When we said we had just given our last dollars to the concierge team he was furious. We got into our cab feeling a little intimidated and sad that he had ended our trip in that way, when we had not come across any sign of negativity in the whole week we had been there.

 I did make a complaint to Hilton and they were very apologetic and I understand that perhaps these things happen. It is no reflection on our stay at this hotel and we would definitely return.

You can find loads of reviews and photos here at Trip Advisor.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your hotel review! Your trip to New York sounds like an unforgettable experience, with the Millennium Hilton New York One UN Plaza providing an excellent base for exploring the city. The stunning views, spacious rooms, and ideal location near iconic landmarks made it a perfect choice. It's unfortunate to hear about the negative encounter with the doorman at the end of your stay, but I'm glad to hear that Hilton responded apologetically. Overall, it seems like a fantastic stay worth considering for future trips to NYC.