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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

A baby Christmas wishlist #1

Daisy and I have been busy writing her list to Father Christmas and thought we would share a few bits that we've seen that we love!!

There are lots of things from House of Lilah that we love but this has to be top of our list:

The same goes for Jackandjillaroo where we have spotted the most gorgeous bibs ever:

H&M is always a good stop point for us and there is always something we've got our eye on in the kids section. To be honest we either love things or really aren't fans of them in there but in the most at the moment it's LOVE:

Baby Zara is also a huge favourite, I love this whole look:

So just a few bits of clothing mainly, we have many, many more bits on the lost but that's a sneak peek for now!

Love Hayley & Daisy xxx

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  1. Great list some really cute bits i love zara baby clothes too!