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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

6 weeks to go- 34 weeks pregnancy and bump update

6 weeks sounds like a long time, but actually realistically it could be as little as 3 weeks really.. Which doesn't sound like any time at all! 

Last week I had a busy weekend but promised I would pack my hospital bags- I lied! I didn't! Luckily I've not needed it but I am on to it this week! All the teeny babygrows and blankets are being washed and dried at the moment ready to be packed or put away. 

This week has been uncomfortable, my back is really sore and my ribs are too. I can't seem to wriggle her into a position which gives me much breathing space or space to eat! Getting on my hands and knees or kneeling up straight (like taught in my Lazy Daisy classes!) makes room for her and gives me a short burst of relief but then the wanders back to her favourite squished position! 

Last Sunday I also had what I think was my first braxton hicks. I was off to bed and having a wash and all of a sudden I kept getting huge waves of discomfort in my tummy and pelvis, I actually thought I was going into labour! I think I hit a bit of panic at the time but I survived! I just breathed through it and eased them by getting on my hands and knees again and rocked a bit. It was over in 10-12 minutes but ouch! I haven't really had any since, slight tightenings but nothing like that. Part of me wonders if maybe she was turning and got wedged?!?

Other complaints and moans this week include:

- Bad skin- it improved slightly and then went bad AGAIN! 
- Limp hair- it never looks clean even when it's been washed the hour before! 
- Sore, heavy boobs- I thought this was a first trimester problem?! 
- I can't reach my feet or see them even! I've got some lovely new polishes to use and can't even see my toes to guess where I'm painting!

I had my last Lazy Daisy birthing class on Friday evening, quite sad to be finished but then again excited as it means it's almost time to do the real birthing thing! I have mentioned doing a post on these classes a few times and I promise I will soon. I could have carried on and done another terms but I'm close now and part of me thinks I would only get to do a few more classes before baby arrives. 

The teacher from the classes has offered to lend me her pool for birthing at home which is fantastic! They can be so expensive to hire!! I'm starting to think further into the birth and labour and am even dreaming I have had her now, it must be on my mind quite a lot. I'm reading a book at the moment by Nicky Wesson on Home Birth, it's really reassuring and practical. Are there any other books anyone recommends? 

Quick update today, 

Lots of love and happy Mother's Day, 

Hayley xxx

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