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The little things in life... Tour of my home #1 The Kitchen

In a recent post where I was giving you a sneak preview of our new bedroom I mentioned giving you a little tour of our home and showing you some of my favourite bits! This will be boring to some of you but I love reading this type of post, probably because I am a tad nosey!

We bought our house just after our wedding, about 18 months ago now. And when we bought it, it was a complete rennovation project. There were times when I thought what on earth are we doing?! We had to do things such as re-wiring, installing gas central heating, knock walls through, put walls in, bathrooms, kitchen, the list is endless and if we are honest its still not quite done - almost though and when I say not done I mean just the faffy little bits to finish off.

The Kitchen/ dining room

This is my favourite space in the house, its exactly what I envisaged when we were doing it now its complete, I spend a lot of time in here either working from home, baking and cooking etc. I love it! (some of my highlights on the right include my teacup chandelier from Next, my photo wall, the spice rack (another auction upclycled find painted in Annie Sloan Old Ochre) and my lovely view to the garden!

So what did it look like before?! The top picture below is the now dining area and then the kitchen, beautiful!

The fist thing that happened in here was to rip it out completely, and I mean completely! The units, the floor, the wall between the dining room and the poxy kitchen, the gas chimney that was stood in the kitchen and the wall that was between then kitchen and coal shed. It was dusty!!! We are lucky that our family and friends are very "useful" and did so much of the work for and with us.

It was dirty, dirty work! But definitely worth it. 

All of the furniture you can see is pretty much second hand, bought from auctions such as the dresser, the spice rack and even a few of the photo frames! Our farmhouse table and chairs is one of my favourite possessions, we bought this with some of our wedding money from  Ebay, it was a bargain for how solid and beautiful it is. Hopefully it will be with us for a while to come! 

Lots of love, 

I own the copyright to all photographs used

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