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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

How do you know when it's time?

Recently people have started asking more and more if and when we would hope to have another baby. Nothing new, somehow it's one of the first questions that some crazy women ask you the minute you step out (I mean waddle like John Wayne!) with baby nĂºmero uno!! But people do tend to ask more now, and I guess that's perhaps a bit more to do with Daisy's first birthday only two months away. And I suppose maybe she isn't a tiny baby any more!

But how do you know when is best, what's the best ideal age gap? Is having another baby the best thing to do? Too many questions and decisions to consider if you ask me! 
Will I be as sick the second time round? How would I cope having a toddler to run around after too? Should I enjoy a bit more routine, with work etc. for a while?

The questions go on and on!

I know we would like a sibling for Daisy but I have no idea when that may be. Seeing only child's (does that make sense?) playing on holiday or in the park compared to those with brothers and sisters is the key factor for me. I loved having a sister to play with and be my friend, and even now she is one of my best friends. If you have never had one then I think you get used to being alone and don't feel like you have missed out but I know I do want that little partnership for Daisy one day.

Seeing other bloggers and other friends who I was pregnant with at the same time announcing their pregnancies for the 2nd / 3rd time has just made me think about it. I have to say I haven't even thought about it until now, its been too busy this past 10 months!

What do you think? I know everyone has their own thoughts and opinions but I am always interested in hearing them!
Lots of Love,
Hayley xx


  1. I read somewhere that the optimal time to get pregnant again after having a baby is between 18-24months because your body has time to heal but is still in baby mode. Either way we decided to go for it just after my little one was 18 months and the second is due as he is 2.5! X