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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

A mothers day wishlist

This weekend it will be my first ever mothers day, well apart from being a mother to Bob the dog of course.

I will be honest, I actually am a scrooge when it comes to this kind of thing (a bit like Valentines Day) and I do think they're just money swizzing events put on by the cards companies. I like people to know I love and appreciate them more often than one day, and buying a bouquet of flowers for £20 rather than the usual price of £10 just doesn't do that for me.

However, saying that it doesn't mean I don't like to be get spoiled every now and again. So a little wishlist for me, or maybe just some ideas I have seen and like...

Skagen black watch from ASOS, how cool is that? I have a Michael Korrs watch which I love and so wouldn't have chance to wear this enough to warrant actually having it, but how nice is this and it would go with everything!

A gorgeous blue satchel, again ASOS. I just love the metal casing around the edges!

I love those friendship bracelets by Hipanema too. A hefty price tag for what I would usually pay, but very nice none the less.

Also (lets hope mum isn't reading this post) we received this lovely gift from buyagift and couldn't resist it... They also have some other gorgeous products to choose from, with more of a traditional mothers day feel.

How about a Thorntons milk chocolate speech bubble which you could personalise? For less than a fiver it is a good value choice! Again available at buyagift.

They also do lots of afternoon tea and spa days, perfect not only for mothers day but birthdays or just because you can!

Lots of love on mothers day and every day of course,

Hayley & Daisy xxx

We were gifted the chopping board from buyagift in return for our honest opinion

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  1. I love those friendships bracelets... I seem to be obsessed with all things yellow at the moment.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx