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Review: Wilko bedtime bath tried and tested

We are usually pretty loyal with our bubble bath products and often stick to Infacare or Johnsons Bedtime bath. However a few times now I've wondered through the baby aisle in Wilkinsons and seen their baby range (Rock N' Roll).

Actually for a non frills, value range the packaging isn't bad! Compared to the Tesco own range it looks pretty good! But I've not actually picked any up, probably because I've always bulk bought in the past and not really needed any when I've been in there.

Their beauty buys have had some good reviews recently so I had gone in to have a look at that really and then popped down the aisle to pick up some teething gel, and again I spotted the Wilko baby range. I didn't need really need any at the time but thought I'd pick some bubble bath up anyway. It felt like the safest option of the products to try out?? We have now started to use it, well we've used it for over a week really and I'm 50/50 on it, I just can't decide! 

Firstly it smells amazing, far nicer than any of the others! Still babyish but that bit more luxurious, really nice!! But... And a big but for me and Daisy! The bubbles are a poor show! There are a few when you first run the bath but once Daisy has splashed around for a minute they've gone, vanished completely. Really disappointing.

Once plus though is that it didn't seem to dry my hands out, which quite a few do!! But it didn't seem to make them nice and smooth either.

Actually I think writing that has confirmed it for me, we won't be buying it again! Even for less than £1 it just didn't tick our boxes sadly. Perhaps we will try something else from the range another day.

Have you tried any of the range at all?

Lots of love,

Hayley & Daisy xxx


  1. Love that writing this helped you make your mind up!! I've never tried any of their baby range. I don't mind the asda little angels version of the Johnson's baby bedtime bath. Think the smell is good and lots of bubbles! Think they sell for 3 for £2.50 but like you I tend to bulk buy Johnson's when sales are on and then get asda every so often!:)

    1. The little angels range is good, I've used their nappies before! I've also used the range at sainsburys which I find to be good but just as expensive as Johnsons!!!! Xx

  2. Luke is 18 months old and I had SO much bubble bath and shampoo etc bought for him when I was pregnant, I haven't even had to buy any more yet!! Having said that, I do buy Mum and Me bubble bath for snuffles when he's poorly. I suppose for a quid, you can't complain too much about the bubbles - it smells nice and it gets your baby clean without hurting their skins, that's all it's really meant to do I suppose.
    I haven't bought and Wilko Baby bits, but Wilko is pretty much my favourite place to shop. I bought nappies from their own range when Luke was tiny and they didn't fit at all well, so I haven't really trusted in their rrange since. xx

    1. I love having a wander around Wilkos too! Yeah I suppose to for a £1 you can't complain! But I think I'll stick to paying that bit extra and get some bubbles! Xx